Strategic Planning Committees

Strategic Planning Committees

The Strategic Planning Summit took place on August 12-13, 2020. Following the meeting and at the direction of President Houshmand, University leadership created a set of committees to develop goals and action plans across a variety of areas including academic and student affairs, facilities and operations, and compliance. A breakdown of these committees follows.

Academic/Student Affairs Committee 

Charge: This committee will be charged with beginning to implement the recommendations of the Education of the Future task force and will collaborate with the Workforce of the Future committee in situating Rowan as an agile institution prepared for the shifting landscape of higher education.

DeMond Miller, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Mariano Savelski, Faculty Affairs
Matthew Beck, SGA
Natalie Beury, Budget & Finance
Vaughn Calhoun, Global Learning & Partnerships
Millicent Channell, RowanSOM
Beth Christensen, School of Earth & Environment
Sangita Phadtare, CMSRU
Lorraine Ricchezza, Academic Affairs
Dawn Singleton, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Compliance Committee: DEI Scholarships

  • Recruitment and retention of students from all backgrounds
  • Philanthropic support for evidence-based strategies
Penny McPherson Myers, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
RJ Tallarida, University Advancement
Janelle Alexander, Admissions
Jeff Bonfield, Academic Affairs
Lee Bryant, CMSRU
Ana Cardona-Parra, Accounts Payable
David Corum, IRT
Kristen DiNovi, Honors College
Stephanie Farrell, College of Engineering
Stephen Fleming, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Ayala Gedeon, SGA
John Giannini, Athletics
Chiarra Latimer, Office of Career Advancement
Gabby McCallister
Jocelyn Mitchell-Williams, CMSRU
Yvonne Ortiz, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, RowanSOM
Chanelle Rose, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Eve Sledjeski, College of Science & Mathematics
Mary Beth Walpole, College of Education

Compliance Committee: Flexible Workforce

  • Develop flexible work models for the future
  • Understand impact of these models on the workforce and the work we perform
  • Identify necessary changes to sustain a productive flexible working model
Stephanie Cozzone, Human Resources
Christine Larsen-Britt, University Advising Services
Bonnie Angelone, Faculty Center
Tiruayer Battle, RowanSOM
Christine Brasteter, Contracting & Procurement
Courtney Cifaloglio, Human Resources
Nikki Colasanti, Student Affairs
Brian Ewan, Facilities, Planning & Operations
Gaetane Jean-Marie, College of Education
Sandy Joy, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
Natalie Kautz, Faculty Center
Robin Kincaid, IRT
Valarie Lee, College of Education
Lori McFadden, CMSRU
Roxie Patton, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Kyle Perez, SGA
Beth Rey, University Advising
Rachel Shmuts, RowanSOM
Chris Simons, College of Science & Mathematics
Dana Traynor, Strategic Enrollment Management
Tracy Wolak, Office of General Counsel

Facilities and Operations Committee: Facilities and Infrastructure 

  • Facility and Infrastructure needs (both physical and virtual) for the University of the future
  • Will consider necessary changes to existing facilities and technology to meet the needs of a Mega University
Elyse Crawford, Office of General Counsel
Cheryl Bodnar, College of Engineering
Keith Brand, Ric Edelman College of Communications & Creative Arts
Mike Ciocco, Rowan Online
Liam Cutri-French, SGA
Travis Douglas, Residential Learning/University Housing
Sara Freeman, University Events
Carl Hock, RowanSOM
Mike Kantner, Public Safety
Steve Leesman, Facilities, Planning & Operations
Dave McNamara, Faclities, Planning & Operations
Mary Ann Nisula, Accounting Services
John Reiser, IRT
Mark Sedlock, IRT
Carrie Turner, Facilities, Planning & Operations

Facilities and Operations Committee: Pricing


  • Identify a pricing structure that appeals to cost-conscious and value-seeking students
  • Identify a price point that leads to revenue growth and generates positive margins
Michael Blake, Finance
Kevin Koett, Student Affairs
Jeff Bonfield, Academic Affairs
Joe Cardona, University Relations
Tom Cavalieri, RowanSOM
Bill Conklin, Bursar
Joshua Coren, RowanSOM
Travis Douglas, Residential Learning and Inclusion Programs
Steven Farney, Strategic Enrollment Management
Ann Fulton, Bursar
Alex Harm, Global Learning & Partnerships
Fiona Hughes, SGA
Heidi Suzanne Kovalick, Financial Aid
Stephanie Lezotte, Research
Jen Maden, Rohrer College of Business
Rory McElwee, Academic Affairs
Penny McPherson Myers, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Jim Mesisca, Facilities, Planning & Operations
Dan Reigel, Admissions
Mike Rieker, RowanSOM
Jackie Ring, IRT
Chris Simons, College of Science & Mathematics
Nick Stamatiades, CMSRU
Donna Sweigart, Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts
Drew Tinnin, Student Life
MaryBeth Walpole, Educational Services and Leadership
Georgeanne Watt, Global Learning & Partnerships