First-Year Programs

First-Year Programs

First-Year Leadership Programs


First-Year Connection Leadership (FCL) gives you a jump start on learning new skills and establishing long-lasting friendships. Through FCL, you can start your college experience early. As a program participant, you will meet a variety of people including Rowan staff members and upper-class students. You will engage in interactive activities and small group discussions designed to help you learn leadership concepts, make new friends, and create a plan for involvement. Both residential and commuter students are invited to participate. If you are a residential student, you will also have the benefit of moving into your room early. 

Cost: $285 per person
Includes early move-in housing on-campus (if applicable), a retreat to Camp Haluwasa (which includes swimming, team-building, obstacle course, leadership development and a low ropes course), meals, activities, transportation, and a t-shirt.

Registration: We will begin taking registration once summer orientations begin, and will remain open until we reach our maximum capacity. All participants must complete the registration form on ProfLink, as well as submit payment to our office in order to have your registration confirmed. Registration will be on a first-come, first-assigned basis. Once capacity is reached, we will begin a wait list. If your enrollment is unable to be fulfilled, you will be contacted and your payment will be returned in full. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please email

For more information visit ProfLink or view more information about FCL


The #1 recommendation student leaders on campus have for new students to Rowan University is to “Get Involved,” and this is a great place to start! FLIP is a year-long leadership development program that allows first-year students to get immediately involved on campus, create positive friendships with their peers as well as with volunteer Leadership Mentor staff whose purpose is to make a beneficial difference in your transition to Rowan University. Throughout the year, FLIP participants will engage in various workshops, interactive presentations and team building exercises. FLIP has proven to be extremely beneficial for its participants over the years with many of its alumni become PROS, RAs and SGA officials. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what Rowan University can do for you, how you can better yourself as a leader and to understand the difference you can make both on and off campus.

When are FLIP Meetings? FLIP occurs about two times a month during the free period on Fridays at 1:45 p.m.​ All FLIP dates and locations can be found on ProfLink. FLIP prepares new students to be effective new members to student organizations. See the application on ProfLink for more information.

Benefits of FLIP:

  • Make lasting friendships with a group of other first-year students and Leadership Mentors
  • Develop leadership skills valuable to any club, organization or profession
  • Get involved in campus activities such as Family Weekend, Homecoming, and service projects
  • Create a strong network with other organizations like SGA as well as participating faculty and staff
  • Begin your Rowan Leadership journey and earn your first Leadership Certification