Rowan in Granada, Spain

  • The University of Granada, Spain: Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM)

Rowan in Granada, Spain

Study in total immersion and learn the language, as well as the culture, gastronomy and traditions, in a city that is world famous for its flamenco artists, its guitar-making craftsmen and for Federico García Lorca, among many other things.

See how different social groups interact in its lively squares, such as the natives of the city, university students who come from abroad, the gypsy community, citizens from other countries, etc.

Listen to Arabic as the predominant language in some of the streets that wind through the city full of bazaars and butcher shops selling halal products.

Enjoy the stark contrasts between old and new present in daily life, such as buying convent sweets made by nuns from 16th-century congregations and, right after, buying a coffee to go from the corner stall.

Learn Spanish in an environment that prepares you for any interaction with native speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world.


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