Rowan University multi-faith meditation and prayer spaces on the Glassboro campus

Rowan University multi-faith meditation and prayer spaces on the Glassboro campus open on November 21, 2022! The multi-faith meditation and prayer spaces include: 
  • Hawthorn Hall, Room 202 | Max. 2
    Accessible from 7:30 AM - 10:30 PM | Card access needed for access after hours
    *Please email Tara Ferrucci at to inquire about card access

  • Savitz Hall Room 218 | Max. 15
    Accessible from 7:30 AM - 10:30 PM
These spaces are inclusive and welcoming environments for the Rowan University community, designated for private prayer of all faiths and diverse religious, spiritual, and non-religious backgrounds for peaceful contemplation, meditation, and reflection.  Prayer spaces are not to be used as lounges, study rooms, meeting rooms or other purposes not involved with prayer/meditation. Please respect the requirements for a peaceful, quiet space.
By using these rooms, you agree to comply with these guidelines:

  •  All users are expected to exercise respect and tolerance for the integrity of each other's beliefs, cultures and traditions. This means:
    • Respecting other people's freedom within the law to express their beliefs and convictions in worship and prayer.
    • Respecting the convictions of others about dress and social etiquette and not behaving in ways that may cause offense.
    • Always avoiding violent action, language, threats, manipulation, improper inducements, or the misuse of any kind of power.
    • Not misrepresenting or disparaging other people's beliefs and practices.
    •  Not actively seeking to persuade others to join their faith.
  • Please respect the privacy and quiet of the occupants in neighboring rooms, as this is an academic and administrative building.
  • This multi-faith prayer and quiet room is a silent, gender-inclusive and mixed-faith space for all students of the University.
  • Upon entering, please remove your shoes and place them on the shoe rack.
  • Please do not bring any food into this room as, in some traditions, some food items are not permitted in worship spaces. 
  • No general conversations; this is a space for silent prayer and contemplation.
  • All mobile devices must be silenced. 
  • No soliciting or collecting of money. 
  • No candles, incense or naked flames of any kind are to be used.
  • People outside of the College notably invited speakers, are not allowed to use this space as a platform for speeches or talks of any kind.
  • Please keep the room tidy and accessible.
  • Please do not remove or add items of furniture.
  • If you wish to use any personal items of religious practice, including written materials, pictures or other objects, please take them away with you or place them in the storage container provided.
  • Partitions are available in the room to allow for limited privacy.
To report an incident of bias or discrimination, please call the
Office of Student Equity and Compliance (OSEC) at (856) 256-5830 or go to 
If you feel your safety is being threatened, please contact Public Safety at 1 (856) 256-4922.
If it is an emergency, dial 911. 
If you have any questions about the policy of this room or for questions about matters of faith, please contact the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution (SJICR) at  856-256-5495 or