Meet the SGA AVP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Student Government Association (SGA) in 2020 created a new position, Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The SGA with the help of the executive board worked to create a by-law and presented the position to the SGA, which was approved unanimously. Ayala Gedeon served as the first AVP in this position last year and Alex Butler will be serving in the position this year! Meet Alex below and get to know his goals for the upcoming year! 


Alex Butler (he, him, his)

Alex Butler headshot

Tell us about yourself :

I am a fourth year student in the Thomas N. Bantivoglio Honors College pursuing a major in Physics along with a minor in Mathematics. Since making Rube Goldberg machines and roller coasters for my Hot Wheels cars as a little kid for fun, I knew that I would enjoy full-filling my curiosity through learning while engaging in experimental research. I currently serve as the Event Coordinator for Rowan's Physics & Astronomy Club, but my passion for DEI led me to also become involved last summer in the Physics & Astronomy department's new Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Alliance which is affiliated with the American Physical Society. Outside of academics or volunteering with the Honors College, I am the President and Co-Captain of Rowan's Club Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee Team. Through playing ultimate frisbee, I have met most of my closest friends. I also enjoy long distance running and exploring new parks or trails. 


Goals as SGA AVP of DEI:

I want to make the voices of marginalized groups feel heard because every student, no matter their identity or walk of life, is important. Sometimes, struggles that marginalized groups face can interfere with their academics and life in general, so I want to help voice their concerns to ensure that every student feels confident to succeed while also feeling confident in who they are. This is a new position on Rowan's SGA, so it's amazing to see the University placing importance on DEI. I hope that in working with my fellow board members, peers, faculty, as well as collaborating with other departments/clubs on campus, we can plan some new events highlighting diversity. More importantly though, I am excited to learn a lot and grow with the Rowan community through the uncertainty this past year has brought along. 


Favorite DEI resources on campus: 

The SJICR provides numerous resources to not only talk through issues, but learn about them too. Even during the pandemic, they held virtual panel discussions, ensuring that DEI issues were continually being discussed. I also appreciate the numerous diverse organizations on campus, as well as the faculty here who are open to general or personal discussions on DEI. No one should feel alone, and it helps to see that you aren't the only one facing a challenge, or that there are people here who support you.