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Mentor Links

Mentor/Tutoring and Academic Counseling

The CHAMP Program is looking for college students to serve as mentor/tutors to Camden City middle and High School students. Mentoring is an integral part of the program, allowing college students who are currently enrolled to share the benefits of attending college with our students.

Housed in the Rowan University Camden Academic Building, the goal of the program is to provide participants with a solid foundation to enabling them to successfully complete post-secondary programs leading to careers in fields which persons from minority and/or disadvantage backgrounds are underrepresented, such as engineering, computer science, medicine, and environmental science.


Each potential Mentor has to undergo an extensive application, selection and training process including:

1. Background Check-Applicants may be required to complete a NJ SBI212B form so that a state back

    ground check will be performed.

3. Interview-Selected applicants will be called for individual interviews.

4. Training-Applicants who are accepted into the program must attend a three-hour training session.

Interested candidates must complete a CHAMP Mentor Application. Please contact the CHAMP Office for a Mentor Application.  Our number is (856) 361-2920.


Job Description

  • Commit to working at least 5hrs/wk. (May work up to 20hrs/wk.) Flexible work schedule to include after-school hours and some weekends
  • Provide support and assistance to protégés to encourage college assistance.
  • Provide participants with homework assistance as needed.
  • Assist in the development of skills necessary for protégés to succeed both personally and academically.
  • Assist protégés in developing realistic career/academic goals and expectations.
  • Assist in planning of enrichment activities and workshops and accompany students on field trips when possible.
  • Provide resource information as well as document your experience working with the students.

All majors and work study encouraged to apply.

This is a paid position.