Catalysts for Sustainability

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Catalysts for Sustainability

Researching, exploring and teaching like our lives depend on it

Rowan University’s newly launched Catalysts for Sustainability program seeks to hire new faculty to develop, advance and communicate solutions to humanity’s most pressing existential threats posed by the climate and biodiversity crises. 

To learn more about the available positions, please visit Rowan University's Career Site and use the search term, "Catalysts." 

Benefits and opportunities
Our catalysts will immediately be high-visibility scholars poised to reap reputational benefits as influential state and national leaders. They will gain the potential for enhanced funding and enhanced publishing. The faculty—as a cohort and as individuals—will benefit as they develop expansive external networks and connections with high-profile organizations. 

Committed throughout the curriculum and community
The University-wide cohort will lead and collaborate across colleges, disciplines and communities. Each college and school on our main campus will be represented, connecting every academic division through a common purpose.

Strategic institutional values 
Rowan University’s strategic pillars—access, affordability, quality and serving as an economic engine—are at the center of every decision for the institution. The Catalysts for Sustainability recruiting program will be rooted in Rowan's fundamental values and the hires will demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Focused on expertise, excellence and ambition
As the nation's third fastest-growing public research university, Rowan is driving rapidly toward R1 status, attracting innovators and experts whose ambitions match the institution's.

A few notable recent highlights illustrate Rowan's investment in sustainability as a priority. In the past five years, Rowan has:

  • opened the School of Earth & Environment
  • established the University-wide Center for Responsible Leadership, based in the Rohrer College of Business
  • formed the University Sustainability Committee
  • begun construction of Edelman Fossil Park Museum, a net-zero facility whose themes are centered around exploration, discovery and responsible stewardship of our planet
  • created a certificate program on food systems planning in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Sustainability 
  • hosted a global conference on bio-based and sustainable materials and technologies
  • launched the Sustainable Facilities Center to help public and private entities sustainably manage facilities by reducing the environmental, economic, and social impacts of buildings

This program will catalyze new initiatives in sustainability research, advocacy and education while leveraging existing strengths. Successful candidates will demonstrate expertise related to the climate and biodiversity crises in one or more of the following areas: environmental justice; education and public engagement including storytelling; public policy and advocacy; discipline-specific sustainability scholarship; and sustainability practice.