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Gallery Overview

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September 15 - October 20 
A stop-motion animation video
by appointment in the gallery
or virtually here:
Constructed with layering drawings, sculptural elements, fabric, wood block printing, and painted live performers Swoon creates an ethereal dreamworld that emphasizes the body’s ability to serve as a vessel for carrying memories and traditions. A house, a ship, and human figures split and open to liberate a cast of imaginative and mythological creatures trapped inside. The central figure is the “Tarantula Mother,” a half-human, half-spider allegory that evokes traumatic memories from childhood. This original animation was first presented last November at Deitch Projects in New York. Reflecting on it now, and the current crisis in our communities, the narrative in Cicada becomes a metaphor for our desire to heal and mend and be reborn. As the title implies, Cicada is a representation of the body and the mind's ability to emerge from darkness into the light and be transformed symbolizing rebirth and immortality. More about Swoon