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Thea Alvin

New Installations: Timesweeps and The Nature of Time 

Time Sweeps is a stone sculpture now in the East Garden Courtyard of Discovery Hall at Rowan University. The approximately 264-ton sculpture will be composed of three main features: a 100 ft. long winding wall with an arch, two non-connecting winding walls, and a small passageway between the two walls, often referred to as a squeeze. Comprised of primarily Pennsylvania Fieldstone, which contains fossils, moss, and lichen, the work also includes seven, 203 ton boulders of the primary stone types (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic) including basalt, conglomerate, gabbro, gneiss, granite, rhyolite, and schist. Conceived as an “organic collaboration,” between the artist, the land, the stone, and the visitor, Time Sweeps is a uniquely interactive public artwork that provides quiet space for personal reflection and experiential learning. 

Ms. Alvin was selected from a talented pool of candidates as part of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts' Art Inclusion Program. Since the passage of the Public Building Arts Inclusion Act in 1978, this program has led to the commissioning and installation of hundreds of artworks in state financed construction projects of State Buildings. Up to 1.5% of the construction budget is set aside for this purpose. Several public art works on Rowan's campus were selected through this program. To see more about Time Sweeps and other Rowan pubic art visit this site.


The Nature of Time is a gallery installation which complements Time Sweeps. Made from nearly 14 tons of integrated stone pieces of Pennsylvania Field Stone containing fossils, moss, and lichen, The Nature of Time consists of three distinctive formations: a winding wall, a stone floor mosaic, and a cairn, which are joined by large format photographs of Thea’s numerous public art projects, and an ambient projected light and video and is currently on view through July 24.

Thea Alvin is an artist and stone mason, a designer and builder with determination and creativity. She started her career in stone at age 16, working for her father as a tender, then for years as a mason and then stone mason. She refined her stone style while traveling and working all over the world, from China to Iceland, Canada to Italy, and all across North America. She draws on the traditions in stone and expands those to create large site-specific, unique, geologic installations. More about Thea and her work can be found on her website: