Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Rowan University and the Rowan University Foundation?
Founded in 1983, the Rowan University Foundation is a separate non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that exists for the advancement and support of Rowan University and its students. The Foundation manages, oversees and coordinates all University fundraising activities and is responsible for the management and investment of all charitable contributions that benefit the University. The Foundation is the exclusive channel for all gifts to the University from all private sources including individuals, trusts, estates, corporations, foundations, and organizations.

I have a program that needs funding— what do I do next?
Please visit the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations’ Project Resources Opportunity Finder (P.R.O.F.) page in Confluence for select Requests for Proposals from corporations and foundations organized by topic/focus area. The page can be accessed using your Rowan login credentials.

You can also conduct a search for potential funders using the Foundation Directory Online Professional. Thanks to the Rowan University Library (they purchased a subscription that we all can use), any faculty member, staff member or student utilizing a computer with a Rowan IP address can access the Foundation Directory Online Professional for free. Use this handy tip sheet for information about accessing and using the Foundation Directory Online Professional.

Additionally, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is here to help you identify potential grant funding for your program. Please complete a Project Description Template and submit it to us at We will do the research for you.


I have a prospect in mind for support of my program— what do I do next?
If you have a potential funder in mind, please make sure to contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations before contacting the funder. Our office adds value to the grant-seeking process by ensuring that your project is coordinated with other Rowan University Foundation efforts; initiating internal competitions for any RFPs with limited submission requirements; assisting with developing and writing proposals; leveraging existing funder contacts; enabling the Rowan University Foundation to track proposal activity with potential funders; and providing current and future applicants with information that may help secure an award. 

How do I find out what kinds of gifts are being made by a corporation or foundation?
The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can provide prospect research support, including tracking current and past gifts made to universities and other organizations. This information can be very helpful in preparing your request. Please contact us for more information.

I found a philanthropic RFP and would like to respond— what should I do?
Before responding to a philanthropic Request for Proposals (RFP), please contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations. We can help you prepare materials to submit in response to a RFP. In addition, when the number of Rowan applicants allowed by the sponsor is finite (i.e. a limited submission opportunity), the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can assist you in working with the Office of Proposal Development and other partners involved in the candidate selection process. We can then assist successful internal applicants in preparing their documents for submission. 

Am I required to create a Cayuse record for proposals submitted through the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations?
Rowan University uses the web-based Cayuse Research Suite to manage its proposal and grant activity. The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations requires any Rowan faculty or staff member submitting a philanthropic funding proposal to utilize Cayuse SP to secure internal approvals.

However, if funding request is to support scholarships that will be managed through Admissions or the Office of Financial Aid, a Cayuse record is not required by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

My proposal requires “institutional information"— where do I get that?
Many proposals have a section requiring information about the submitting organization. This required information could include an EIN (Employer Identification Number), mailing address, contact information, and authorized official. All institutional information included in a proposal for philanthropic support should represent the Rowan University Foundation, not Rowan University or any unit therein. To obtain institutional information for the Rowan University Foundation, please contact with your request.

I’m new to Rowan and am interested in seeking philanthropic support for my work– how do I get started?
Welcome to Rowan! The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is here to assist you in your efforts to secure philanthropic funding for your work.

In collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs, we offer a workshop series that focuses on the grant seeking process here at Rowan, including workshops on finding potential funders, writing winning grants, and developing a budget. New faculty members are encouraged to register for the workshops, which are offered each semester on the Glassboro Campus and broadcasted via WebEx. More information about the workshops can be found here.

Information about additional resources provided to faculty members seeking philanthropic support from corporations and foundation can be found here. You can also contact us at for further support.

Several of my recent requests have been declined. What are corporations and foundations looking for?
Do not become discouraged — most proposals fail because funders lack the money to fund every good request. Corporate and foundation support represents just 15 percent of giving nationwide, and is extremely competitive. To be successful, your program or project must be fundable, moving beyond just a good idea, and fall within the interests of your identified prospective funder.

To give you a sense of the difference between a good idea and a fundable project, consider this example:

Ensuring that all New Jersey families lead healthy lives is a good idea, but it is not a fundable project. Creating a program that educates families about healthy food choices, brings together community groups for fitness activities, or works with individuals who want to stop smoking are examples of fundable projects. Getting even more specific increases the fundability of a project. For example, delivering the healthy food choices education program to individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers shows that you have a focused goal, can identify the specific population of project beneficiaries, and will have measurable outcomes at the end of the project period.

Additionally, successful proposals are well-written and follow the funder’s guidelines.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can help you identify prospects with interests that match yours, and can help craft the best approaches.

Why can’t I approach the major local foundations and corporations?
The Rowan University Foundation coordinates approaches to local large foundations and corporations, many of which have active relationships supporting key University priorities. If you are not able to submit a request to the foundation or corporation you have identified because they are already supporting other Rowan initiatives, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can help identify new prospects to support your programs.

What other sources of funding are available for my program?
The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) can assist you in submitting proposals to government agencies at the federal and state levels. OSP also works with faculty on sub-awards, contracts and funding from industry for sponsored programs. Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs if you are interested in these other sources of funding.