Banner Finance Approval Queues for Requisitions




Banner Finance Approval Queues for Requisitions

Banner Finance Approval Queues for Requisitions

Banner Finance approval queues for requisitions enable automatic routing of a requisition from the initiator to assigned individuals within the department for approval before final submission to Procurement.  Use of Banner Finance approval queues ensures that the requisition receives the appropriate departmental reviews as per audit recommendation.

Banner 9 User Approval instructions

Banner 9 User Approval Instruction Video


An email for approvers will be sent every business day at 3 p.m. containing a Cognos report as an attachment.  This report will contain requisition documents pending approval to be reviewed and serves as a reminder that a requisition(s) is in the queue to approve.  If a requisition has been approved by another user in the queue, the document pending approval will no longer be seen.  Notifications of documents to be approved will also appear when logging into Banner.   However, approval of the requisition(s) can be done at any time.

Additional Information:

To view the approval history for a document:

  1. From the Banner 9 Welcome screen, search for page FOIAPPH and hit Enter
  2. Enter the document number into the Document Code field
  3. Click “Go” on right hand side
  4. The Details section will display actions taken on the document to date

To view the pending approvals for a document:

  1. From the Banner 9 Welcome screen, search for page FOAAINP and hit Enter
  2. Enter the document number in the Document field
  3. Click “Go” on right hand side
  4. The Queue list will display queues and approvals still pending.  Fully approved documents will not display on this page 


To add or remove an approver from an existing approval queue, email with the following information:

    1. Approval Queue ID to be updated
    2. Type of change (Add/Remove)
    3. Full User Name to be added or removed       

Questions or Concerns?

  • For questions related to approval queues, document status, or training - contact      
  • For questions related to Banner access, errors, or general inquiries - contact