Interns and Steve Sweeney at Brown Bag event 2018

Internships in politics, government, and issue advocacy are critical to students emerging as leaders in their communities.  They provide: 

  • real-world experience,
  • a taste of a potential career, and
  • valuable networking opportunities.

Always remember: Each internship leads to a better internship.  More internships lead to more options when you graduate. 

The Rowan Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship (RIPPAC) encourages Rowan students to do as many of these internships as possible before graduation, even if each experience cannot be done for academic credit. 

Having two (2) internships during college makes you significantly more likely to have a job after graduation.  The chances of landing a job are even greater if you’ve done three (3) internships in your collegiate career.

To assist students who are seeking internships, RIPPAC offers: 

  • Resume writing training for anyone interested in politics, government or issue advocacy. Resume writing workshops are offered throughout the academic year with additional one-on-one consulting time also available. 
  • Career counseling and intern placement services are available for all Rowan students, regardless of major. RIPPAC’s network is now your network, and we welcome you to take advantage of it. 
  • An online Summer Internship Guide with more than 70 different internships is updated each spring. It provides an easy-to-navigate list of summer opportunities, including several that are paid. 

NON-SUMMER INTERNSHIPS:  Fall and Spring semester internships are available in different areas of politics, government, and issue advocacy as well.  Simply contact Prof. Ben Dworkin at for more details.

ACADEMIC CREDIT:  RIPPAC does NOT offer academic credit for internships.  For that, you need to coordinate with your academic department or with Patrick Massaro []. Students can review the following website to learn how they could receive academic credit for their internship through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

FOR INTERNSHIP PROVIDERS:  If your office is looking for summer interns in politics, government, or issue advocacy, let us know!  Contact Program Assistant Liz Dircks at to get your opportunity distributed among our students.