Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey

The Strategic Priorities Council recognizes the importance of employee engagement and satisfaction at Rowan University. Thus, in March 2017 we launched the second administration of the Employee Engagement survey. The first administration of the survey, in March 2015, was completed by 35% of Rowan’s employees. The results helped the SPC and Rowan’s senior leadership to learn about areas in which we are already strong, as well as areas that needed more attention. As fellow Rowan University employees, the members of the SPC are truly interested in understanding your experiences as a Rowan employee so that we can continue to work with senior leadership to further improve employee engagement. 

Click here for the 2017 Employee Engagement Survey Report.

The March 2015 survey identified our strengths as:

  • We are proud to work at Rowan University.
  • Individual employees respect and value the contributions of their peers.
  • Individuals feel good about their contribution to the success of the University.
  • We feel valued by our supervisors.

The areas that the Strategic Priorities Council and other campus leaders have addressed since March 2015:

  • Recognition for quality work
  • Health and wellness
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Communication of Rowan University’s culture and values

The initiatives below were designed to further build on our strengths and address our areas for growth:

  • The University Ombudsman offered to meet with all employees who chose to identify themselves on the previous survey and expressed a desire to discuss issues with someone.
  • A representative from the SPC’s Employee Engagement Subcommittee met with each senior administrator to review general themes of their employees’ feedback along with strategies to address any concerns.
  • Extensive expansion of Employee Recognition programs. These include the PROFessional of the Month program (now with 12 recipients!) and the Employee Value Awards, honoring employees and a team who exemplify Rowan’s core values, at the Celebrating Excellence awards each spring. A Recognition Toolkit for managers was also developed to suggest strategies for everyday positive feedback to employees from their supervisors.
  • The Wellness Subcommittee of the SPC was formed, which created an online resource to better inform employees of wellness-related programs and services at Rowan. This group continues to work together to develop, identify, and promote wellness at Rowan.
  • The Top 10 Stories of the Year project was launched by the SPC, now on its third iteration, to better inform the Rowan community regarding major happenings at the University and to give everyone a voice in identifying the most important stories each year. More strategies for communication improvement to employees will be developed following the additional information to be gathered in this fall’s employee engagement survey, which will drill down on this important issue.
  • #RowanPROUD Days are held to mark notable happenings on campus or denoting significant historical University events.
  • Rowan launched a new Managerial Evaluation process through which all managers are evaluated annually not only on performance of their responsibilities but also on how they upheld the University’s principles and values including inclusiveness, accountability, and engagement.
  • Rowan implemented the Statement of Principles and Diversity Statement which make plain our community values and responsibilities to each other. 
    For the March 2017 survey, we added a few additional questions to enable better understanding of two of these areas, communication and wellness, so that future SPC initiatives can address them more comprehensively.

Click here for the 2015 Employee Engagement Survey Report.