Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

Health profession programs do not require students to have a specific major, but instead require specific prerequisite courses in order to apply. Many science majors require most or all of these prerequisites, while other majors have program guides that will allow you to fulfill these courses using elective course options.  We encourage you to choose a major that you enjoy!  Diversifying your perspective and finding topics that naturally motivate you will set you up for success. Your Academic and Pre-Health Advisors will help guide you in how to complete the required prerequisite courses based on your Health Professions goal and timeline for applying.

The following courses will provide you with a strong academic framework to satisfy the minimum requirements for a number of health profession programs, including medical and dental schools. We encourage you to work with your advisors to ensure you satisfy all prerequisites required by the health professions programs you plan to apply.

Required Prerequisite Courses* 

The following are common prerequisites for health profession schools but are not universal.  Explore the requirements of each health professions school before applying. Note: the course series taken may depend on specific major / program requirements.

One Year of Biology with Lab                                                         

MCB 01101 Foundations in Biology for Biomedical Sciences I and

MCB 01102 Foundations in Biology for Biomedical Sciences II


Biology majors:

BIOL 01106 Biology 2: Concepts in Genetics and

BIOL 01203 Biology 3: Introduction to Cell Biology

One Year of (Inorganic) Chemistry with Lab

CHEM 06100 Chemistry I and 

CHEM 06101 Chemistry II

One Year of Organic Chemistry with Lab

CHEM 07200 Organic Chemistry I and 

CHEM 07201 Organic Chemistry II

One Semester Biochemistry
CHEM 07348 Biochemistry
BIOL 14440 Intro to Biochemistry
One Year of Physics
PHYS 00210 Physics I and PHYS 00211 Physics II

Physics majors:  

PHYS 00220 Introductory Mechanics, PHYS 00221 Introductory Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, & Optics, and PHYS 00222 Introductory Electricity & Magnetism

Additional Requirements (specific course taken is flexible)

Highly recommended courses for MCAT preparation are noted

2 semesters of English or Writing 

2 semesters of Humanities

1 semester of Psychology

PSY 01108 Essentials of Psychology for Pre-Med or PSY 01107 Essentials of Psychology

1 semester of Sociology

SOC 08121 Intro to Soc for Pre-Med or SOC 08120 Intro to Sociology 

2 semesters of Math.  We highly recommend one semester of Statistics and Calculus

Highly Recommended

The following courses are required by some but not all health professions schools.

Physiology (choose from one of the following options):

BIOL 10210 and BIOL 10212: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II 

BIOL 07301 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

MCB 10345 Human Physiology

Genetics (if your major does not include an introductory option):

BIOL 22335 Advanced Genetics

MCB 22410 Concepts in Human Genetics

MCB 22450 Molecular Genetics

Health Related Elective Courses

ANTH 02215 Medical Anthropology

ANTH 02225 Arts and Medicine

BMS 09251 Intro to Figure Anatomy for the Artist

BMV 09361 Scientific and Medical Sculpture

CMS 04380 Health Communication

HLTH 00302 Global Health

PHIL 09376 Philosophy of Medicine

PHIL 09341 Biomedical Ethics

PHIL 09369 Philosophy of Science

PSY 01329 Health Psychology

SOC 08436 Sociology of Medicine

SOC 08422 Social Determinants of Health

STAT 02280 Biometry

WA01330 Medical Writing and Rhetoric

REL 10350 – Spirituality and Healing


To explore specific health related certificates and minors, please click here.