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RU a Lifesaver

Empowering students to increase help-seeking behavior for suicidal thoughts and reduce the stigma associated with mental health services.


Are you concerned about a friend?...

Symptoms of someone who may be struggling include:
  • Depression that interferes with daily routine or excluding themselves from social activities
  • Lack of coping skills around day-to-day problems or intense reactions to certain situations
  • Extreme highs, irrational thoughts/behaviors, sleeplessness and compulsive behavior
  • Increased use of drugs or alcohol
  • Severe anxiety or stress
  • Constant feelings and expressions of sadness or hopelessness

How can I help a friend/student?

  • Be honest with yourself—you can’t solve their problems, but you can support them as they figure out what is right for them.
  • Don’t take it on alone—they are lucky to have your support, but they might also need qualified professional support!  Learn about resources such as counselors & health care providers and share these. The Wellness Center offers these resources.
  • Promote the idea that there is hope.  Let them know how strong you believe they are and that they can get through this!
  • Keep in touch—check in regularly and encourage them to keep talking to you and other friends (this helps them create a broad support network).
  • The Wellness Center provides training for faculty and staff on recognizing and helping students in distres. View the presentation here or email to schedule an in-person presentation.

    Upcoming Events

    Ready to Walk for a Great Cause? 

    The Second Annual Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Wall will be held Sunday, April 28 at Rowan. To sign-up for the walk, click the flyer below! 

    Campus Walk


Resources for Support

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