Preventing Drink Spiking


 The University is sharing this message to raise awareness of potential drink spiking. The University received reports of drink spiking during the academic year, and incidents have been reported to Rowan University Police. From time to time the University shares messages of this type with the campus community to share information intended to enable individuals to make informed decisions about their safety and the safety of others. We share this information to reduce risks and enhance campus safety, with no intent to blame victims of crime. Only criminals are responsible for their crimes.

 Drink spiking is the addition of a drug, chemical or alcohol to beverages in order to impair or incapacitate the person who consumes the beverage. Alcohol, such as Vodka, can be added to a drink that you do not expect to have any or as much alcohol, causing the drink to impair you more than expected. This may be done in order to facilitate sexual assault or other crimes. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be spiked, including water. People of any gender can be the target or the perpetrator of drink spiking. 

 Drink spiking is a crime, and will be prosecuted by Police. Rowan University will also discipline students for drink spiking.

 Safety Tips:

  • Drink only canned or bottled beverages with the seal intact.
  • Do not accept drinks from a common source such as a punch bowl. 
  • Watch your drink when it is made or dispensed from a keg.
  • Avoid mixed liquor drinks when you are not at a trusted establishment such as a licensed restaurant or bar. You cannot be sure something was not added to the bottle, even if you watch the drink being made.
  • Only accept drinks from people you know and trust.
  • Never leave your drink unattended.
  • If a drink tastes or smells unusual, stop drinking it and pour it out.
  • Go with a group you know and trust. Stick together, stay in contact and leave together.
  • Remember your Green Dot training. Bystanders can intervene to stop drink spiking and prevent someone from being harmed.


If you are hosting a party and serving drinks:

  • Serve only bottled or canned beverages.
  • Put a trusted friend in charge of dispensing all beverages.
  • Do not allow outsiders to bring in drinks from unknown sources.
  • Only admit people you know to your party.
  • Ask suspicious persons to leave, or call Police and report them.
  • Check ID and only serve students over legal drinking age (21). 


If you see someone spiking a drink:

  • This is a Green Dot opportunity! Do something to intervene.
  • Pour it out. Pretend it was an accident if necessary.
  • Tell the party host or others what you saw.
  • Call 911 when you can.
  • Text 911 when you cannot call.


If you think you may have consumed a spiked beverage:

  • You may experience unexpected levels of intoxication.
  • You may also experience confusion, hallucinations, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting or other symptoms.
  • Spiked drinks can be very dangerous.
  • Call 911 and get medical help ASAP!


Good Samaritan Policy:

  • Rowan has a Good Samaritan policy. New Jersey also has a Good Samaritan law.
  • You and your friends will not be disciplined or prosecuted for alcohol or drug violations if you need help and call an RA or the Police.