General Resources

General Resources

Campus Resources
Financial Concerns

  • For financial concerns related to your academics, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 856-256-4250,, or visit their office on the first floor of Savitz Hall.

Health Education

  • Healthy Campus Initiatives - the Office of Healthy Campus Initiatives (HCI) is committed to educating the Rowan University community about making healthy choices and decisions regarding their personal wellness that will enhance the college experience. HCI uses evidence-based practices to reach students, faculty and staff through the development of initiatives and interactive programs to keep the Rowan community informed of current health trends.

Responding to Students In Distress

  • The Wellness Center has created a presentation for faculty/staff to learn more information about responding to students in discress or students of concern. To request an in-person presentation, please contact the Wellness Center at

Local Community Resources


  • Click here for a list of local therapists in the Gloucester County and surrounding areas.

Financial Concerns

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service, 800-473-2227. Non-profit organization that provides free credit counseling services for persons whose debt has become a problem.

Web Based Resources
Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Eating Disorders

Health Information for College Students

  • Student Health 101 - A digital magazine that uses forums, video, sound, and other interactive features especially for college students. Health and wellness topics are covered including alcohol and other drugs, stress, family issues, mental health, sexual responsibility, body image, fitness and nutrition, study habits, and much more. Rowan also participates in contributing material and resources specific to Rowan students.
  • Go Ask Alice - Have a health question? Go Ask Alice through this online question and answer service.

Mental Health Information for College Students

  • U-Lifeline - Learn more about protecting your emotional health and what to do if you or a friend are struggling with mental health issues.
  • Mental Health Informaiton - Links to various online mental health resources
  • ACHA Mental Health Information - This page is an index of mental health resources provided by the American College Health Association. Resources include projects, programs, publications, guidelines, and more.

Sex and Sexuality

  • Planned Parenthood - A national organization that provides a wealth of information about managing fertility, reproductive health care, and sexuality.
  • SIECUS - A national organization that provides information and education about sexuality.
  • Go Ask Alice - Have a health question? Go Ask Alice through this online question and answer service.