Creating an asset reference

Creating an asset reference

Creating an Asset Reference

When you create a "Reference" you create an asset that references another asset in your content tree. References are extraordinarily useful when site building. Use a reference:

  • If you want to include a document such as a Word document or PDF on your navigation. Cascade CMS will pickup references and treat them as though they are a web page when building your navigation. Example: If you have a pdf of a map that you want available on the left-hand navigation, create a reference to it and put it in the directory where and it will be included in the navigation .
  • If you want to include the same web page on your navigation in more than one place. Example: If you have a staff listing that is shared between departments, it can be kept in one place and have references to it  in each department.

To create a "Reference,"

  1. Right click on the page or document in your content tree.
  2. Choose "Reference."
  3. Give it a name (no spaces or special characters)
  4. Click on "Choose Folder" and browse to the directory where you want the reference to appear.
  5. Click "Submit."

You can create as many references to a document or page as you need.

In the following example we are creating a reference of a pdf in our "_docs" folder  and placing it into our "depts" folder.

You will need to reload your page (refresh the web page) and open the folder in order to see the reference to your file.

And the test file now also appears in the site navigation under the index page of the "depts" folder