About Pages

About Pages

Before Creating Your Page

Planning for your page

If you created blank pages to fill out your site structure then you are ready fill out your pages with text and pictures. If you just want to wing it, go right ahead. However, if you have a plan for your page, it sometimes helps to get some groundwork done in advance.

FIRST! Choose the kind of content you want on your page!  You have tons of options!

THEN if you just have a page full of text, go on and edit your page, but if you:

  • want a banner or a sliding gallery at the top of your page, you will want to add your banner pictures to Cascade so they are ready for you.
  • want to include images  in the body of your page, go ahead and add images to Cascade now.
  • plan to add a row of "feature" boxes with images or an image gallery, you will absolutely want to add those images before you begin
  • plan to add body text that includes tons of links to files such as PDFs or PowerPoint slides, then you will want to upload those files ahead of time.
  • have video that you plan to embed in your page, get that uploaded to YouTube in advance and be ready with the link so you can add it when you are ready.
  • If you want to share content across pages, you may want to have that ready first.