Special Page Type, Faculty/Staff pages

Special Page Type, Faculty/Staff pages

Faculty & Staff Directory

Before you begin

As a group, make sure there is a coordinated plan in your organization conerning where files (faculty/staff profiles) will be stored (will they be maintained on a departmental basis or will they be stored and maintained centrally?) Having a plan will create:

  • Shareable content
  • Content that will not be duplicated
  • Consistent links that will not break in the future


  1. Which departments/divisions will need to be included and identified. If your group  is to have more than one department or area listed, have your site ambassador (point of contact) send a request to have these added to the system (https://rowan.edu/webrequest ).
  2. Where you plan to store your profiles or bio pages for each member of the group. Make sure you agree here because you do NOT want to duplicate pages for individuals who may belong in two different groups.

Steps to build

  1. Build out Profile/bio pages first
  2. Add lists in where you want them displayed on the site.