Content Sections

Content Sections

Building Your Page - Content Sections

Options for pages

Think of your pages as having interchangeable chunks of content!

  1. At the top you can have a single picture, a slider of many pictures or no picture at all
  2. Next you currently have a space for your main text content (this will go away soon!)
  3. After that you can fill in with one of many kinds of content (as many as you'd like in whatever order you want).

These "content types" will allow you to add interchangeable chunks of content of different kinds and then reorder them on your page.

  • Features, which are rows of items (either 3 per row or 2 per row). "Standard" features mirror what you see on our main Rowan site and include a title, an image, some teaser text and a link to another page or "Full Background" features, which will just give you columns you can fill in with anything you want. (How to add features)
  • Image/text combinations, which are useful for staff or event listings. (How to add image/text combinations)
  • Image Galleries, which are simliar to the "sliders" at the top of the page and give you a way of offering several images in a gallery. However these fit inside your page and include a clickable thumbnail preview of each image so your visitors can scroll quickly through the images. (How to add image galleries)
  • Additional rich text areas (How to add text areas)
  • Accordions, which provide an excellent way of presenting an FAQ, Vocabulary list or any kind of content that demands many headings, but only short bits of information under each. Use them to condense long pages into visually accessible information. (How to add accordion items)

 Features (Standard)

Features (Full Background)

Image/Text combo

 Image Galleries

Text Areas


Accordions offer a means of compressing the initial view of content heavy pages. They are perfect for things such as FAQ or a single topic with specific areas of interest.