• Rowan University Women's Alliance Network


About WAN


The Rowan University Women's Alliance Network (WAN) was created in 2020, as an evolution of the ACE Women's Network at Rowan University, an institutional chapter that mentored, supported and developed women leaders since the early 1980’s. Our name was changed to reflect our commitment to serving women throughout our region. With a strong organizational structure, support from senior leadership and a diverse representation of women, the Network continues to thrive and provide camaraderie, professional development and career opportunities.  


WAN is led by an Advisory Board consisting of women presently working in or interest in the area of higher education at Rowan University.  The board meets every six to eight weeks to develop goals, plan events and address the needs of women on campus. Currently, there are seven active committees including Program, Development, Marketing, Nominating, Constitution and Bylaws, Mentoring, and Special Events.

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Advisory Board

Christine Beswick School of Osteopathic Medicine/Institutional Representative and Advisory Board Chair 856- 566-6241 beswicch@rowan.edu
Amanda Coltri Strategic Planning and Management 856-256-5477 coltria@rowan.edu
Christina Davidson-Tucci University Advising 856-256-4661 davidson@rowan.edu
Deniz Dennery Office of Career Advancement 856-256-4334 dennery@rowan.edu
Theresa DeVecchis Office of the President 856-256-4101 devecchis@rowan.edu
Tina Doran University Events 856-256-4173 dorant@rowan.edu
Zeynep Isik-Ercan College of Education 856-256-4754 ercan@rowan.edu
Alexis Jones Purchasing 856-256-5171 jonesal@rowan.edu
Jessica  Kanady University Advancement 856-256-5404 kanady@rowan.edu
Stacey Leftwich College of Education 856-256-4797 leftwich@rowan.edu
Erin Pukenas CMSRU 856-361-2800 pukenas@rowan.edu
Jeannette Thomas Jones School of Osteopathic Medicine 856-566-6410 jonesjt@rowan.edu