Parking & Shuttle

Parking & Shuttle



Parking - Glassboro Campus

Rowan continues to revamp parking around the main campus and dramatically expanded its student shuttle service.

Construction of a new home for the Rohrer College of Business, a second building for the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, new student housing across from the Rowan Boulevard apartments, and other on-going construction projects have required a reconsideration of parking and some lots have been closed, some created and some reorganized for maximum usage.

To offset parking changes, there is also an expanded shuttle route around the main campus, Rowan Boulevard and Glassboro’s historic downtown. Separate shuttles serve students traveling between the Glassboro and Camden campuses as well as the West Campus.

For updated parking information, regulations, and policies, be sure to visit the Parking Services website: or contact Parking Services/Public Safety directly at

Shuttle Services

Shuttle Services are free to Rowan students, faculty and staff. A Rowan ID is required.

For updated information about shuttle services, be sure to visit the Shuttle Services website:

or contact John Aderinto, Student Affairs at

New Glassboro Parking Regulations

All the streets that surround the main campus have been designated “permit parking only” and restricted for use by people who live on those streets. Cars parked in these neighborhoods that don’t have the Glassboro-issued “permits” will be ticketed and eventually towed. This will be strictly enforced by Glassboro police. 

Glassboro Overnight Parking

The Borough of Glassboro has a procedure to register off-campus overnight parking requests. Students need to register their vehicle online through a web-based application at The link can also be found on both the Borough of Glassboro’s website and the Glassboro Police Department website

Borough ordinance 445-14 (G) restricts overnight parking between the hours of 2 a.m.  and 6 a.m. on all borough streets. Request made through the website will allow citizens to park overnight for a maximum of (6) six times per month.

The previous practice of calling in your vehicle for overnight parking is no longer the proper method. Callers will be directed to the overnight parking portal.

Upon entering the system to register an overnight parking request, users must complete the following steps to complete the process:

  1. Click on the “submit now” tab
  2. Completely and accurately fill out the “Overnight Parking Entry” details page
  3. Click on the “submit” tab to complete entry

If the entry is not instantly denied the request has been granted and an email confirmation will be sent.


  • Overnight parking requests must been submitted before 2 a.m. to ensure that a summons will not be issued.  Requests are time stamped in the system.
  • Accuracy of the data entered is the key to minimizing the chances that a summons will be issued.
  • Certain streets in the Borough are designated as Permit Parking Only Zones. Citizens requesting overnight parking in these areas must also have a properly displayed, and valid, parking permit for the zone in which parking is being requested.
  • Permit parking requirements as established by borough ordinance 445-57, in designated zones, are only in effect between Labor Day and Memorial Day.
  • Overnight parking may be prohibited when inclement weather conditions are anticipated.

If there are any questions or concerns, call the Glassboro Police Department at 856-881-1501 x88112 during normal business hours.