Parking & Shuttle

Parking & Shuttle



Rowan has revamped parking around the main campus and dramatically expanded its student shuttle service.

Construction of a new home for the Rohrer College of Business, a second building for the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, and new student housing across from the Rowan Boulevard apartments required a reconsideration of parking and some lots have been closed, some created and some reorganized for maximum usage.

To offset parking changes, there is an expanded 19-stop shuttle route around the main campus, Rowan Boulevard and Glassboro’s historic downtown. Separate shuttles serve students traveling between the Glassboro and Camden campuses as well as the West Campus.

Parking Lot Changes
Please observe the following, effective August 2016:

New Lot Assignments

  1. All students may now park in BOTH “commuter” and “residential” lots. This policy change allows for better use of underutilized residential lots. This DOES NOT apply to the Rowan Boulevard Garage or the lower levels of the Townhouse Garage. The top level of the Townhouse Garage, however, will remain open to all students as in years past.
  2. Students with residential parking decals may park in any “commuter” or “residential" lot overnight; no other cars can stay on campus overnight (2 to 6 a.m.), including those with commuter decals. 
  3. All students may use Employee Lots A-1, O-1, Z-1, P and H AFTER 4:30 p.m.
  4. Holly Pointe Commons will require a special hangtag and a parking decal. Visit the Office of Student Life in Savitz Hall to apply for this special hangtag.

New Parking Lots

  • NEW REMOTE LOTS have been created at 411 Ellis Street (222 spaces opening on Sept. 9) and at the South Jersey Technology Park (150 spaces). See below for more information.
  • We have added a 50-space gravel lot on Carpenter Street next to Chestnut Hall.
  • There will be an additional 20 spaces available behind the ROTC House (behind Triad Hall) on Rt. 322.

Remote Express Parking

Eliminate driving around in circles while looking for a parking space by utilizing the remote lots at 411 Ellis Street and Rowan's South Jersey Technology Park, which is just off Rt. 322 near Rt. 55. 

 Campus Parking Map

A special express shuttle will drive students between the Chamberlain Student Center and Tech Park. The shuttle also adds a stop at the Ellis Street Lot. The shuttle is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please note that the quickest way to access the Ellis Street Remote Lot from Rt. 55 is to take Exit 48 (toward Glassboro). This special shuttle is temporary for the beginning of the semester and is in addition to the normal Rowan Shuttle ServicesThe University will continue to offer continual shuttle service in and around campus. Download the app at the Shuttle Services website.

Shuttle service is free to Rowan students, faculty and staff. A Rowan ID is required.

For more information about parking, contact Walt Andres, Public Safety, For information about the expanded shuttle service, contact John Aderinto, Student Affiairs,


New Glassboro Parking Regulations

All the streets that surround the main campus have been designated “permit parking only” and restricted for use by people who live on those streets. Cars parked in these neighborhoods that don’t have the Glassboro-issued “permits” will be ticketed and eventually towed. This will be strictly enforced by Glassboro police.