Conduct Responsibilities

Conduct Responsibilities

Off-Campus Conduct Responsibilities

Rowan University is located within a suburban environment adjacent to various residential neighborhoods. Guidelines for off-campus conduct have been established in order to define standards of behavior that should be demonstrated by Rowan University students and student organizations when off-campus.

The following guidelines are consistent with the educational role of the University, the rights and needs of all residents, Glassboro ordinances, standards of common courtesy, and are directed toward encouraging and maintaining positive neighbor relationships and the development of responsible citizenship.

The Off-Campus Conduct Guidelines address the following areas:
A. Upkeep and Maintenance of Premises
B. Traffic Safety and Parking
C. Neighborhood Relations
D. Responsibilities of Dual Membership

A. Upkeep and Maintenance of Premises:
Students, registered student organizations, and affiliated groups are expected to maintain a safe and clean environment for the health and well being of themselves, their members, guests, and neighbors. Specifically, students should:

  • Make sure that their residences and property are maintained in accordance with all fire, health, zoning and, building and safety codes.
  • Make sure that their lawn and landscaping are maintained on a regular basis in accordance with lease or occupancy agreement.
  • Dispose of litter, trash and garbage on a regular basis and in accordance with all building and safety codes.

B. Traffic Safety and Parking:
Students, registered student organizations, and affiliated groups should:

  • Comply with the laws and regulations of their municipality and the State of New Jersey and hold their invited guests and all others who are present at their residence or on their property to the same standards of conduct.
  • Obey traffic safety and parking requirements and have consideration for others by not parking in or blocking neighbors’ driveways, public alleys and sidewalks, all of which are violations of the law.
  • Proactively educate all household members, guests and visitors about neighborhood parking restrictions and encourage safe, responsible driving.
  • Advise household members, guests and visitors to arrive and depart quietly and to avoid disrupting neighbors.

C. Neighborhood Relations:
Students, registered student organizations, and affiliated groups are expected to follow good neighbor policies and foster positive community relations, including:

  • Fostering and maintaining good community relations and cooperating with neighbors and authorities.
  • Being responsible for their conduct and that of their visitors and guests by actively encouraging guests to adhere to the same standard.
  • Being respectful of and to local community members.
  • Respecting the rights of others and following all existing laws and ordinances.
  • Being proactive to prevent damage to others’ property.
  • Being responsible for damage to others’ properties caused by household members.
  • Being responsible for making reasonable efforts to resolve neighborhood problems involving the student or household members in a timely fashion.
  • Using amplified sound only in accordance with the law, including the Borough of Glassboro Noise Ordinance.

D. The Responsibilities of Dual Membership:
Students are members of both the University and local communities. Accordingly, students are responsible to all the communities of which they are a part. Students should discharge their joint responsibilities in a mature, lawful and appropriate manner.