Classroom at a Glance

Classroom at a Glance

Classroom Scheduling Made Easy

With the advent of computerized scheduling and established regulations, classroom space is now efficiently maximized. The use of standard time blocks also provide s students greater flexibility in creating class schedules. These regulations, in combination with the departmental class-period allocations, should ensure equitable distribution of classroom space among departments. The Registrar's Office staff will honor assignment change requests on a first come first serve basis.

Classroom Requests

By visiting the links to the right you will be able to preview and request available classrooms. In accordance with the State Fire Code and the orders of the State Fire Inspectors, Public Safety asks everyone be mindful of a room's established capacity limits. There should be NO ROOM with more than 49 chairs or occupants, unless an approved occupancy limit card has been posted by the State Fire Inspector or Public Safety.

Fall 2015 Classroom Utilization