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Additional Purpose Resources

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Career Exploration Resources

    • What career best fits your personality? This free career aptitude test can give you insight into your career personality. Based on a characterization of your personality in terms of Holland Code personality types, you will learn what kind of work environments and occupations suit you best. The results of this career test provide you with a list of professions and occupations that fit your career personality.

Career Clusters

Career Explorer

    • CareerExplorer is a free platform for users to assess their interests, personality types, abilities, career values, and preferred work and social environments in order to find matches that will lead to satisfying careers. The assessment suggests careers after users respond to a series of questions. 

Career One Stop Assessment

Discover Your Skills

    • Mike Rowe, host and creator of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” show, helped create this site to help beginners discover their ideal first jobs, and to help others who want to change careers. 

Find Your Path - App

    • This free career exploration solution helps students and job seekers make better career choices with its free mobile app. Users can produce lists of careers based on personality characteristics and an interest profile. Lifestyle issues and income expectations are factored into the analysis. 

Holland Code Career Test

MAPP Career Test

    • It tells you what you love to do and what you don’t love to do. It also uses the O*Net job list to identify which jobs might be good fits.

My Next Move

    • You can search careers by keywords, explore by industry, or click on a brief quiz to narrow down what industries and careers may interest you next. When you click on a particular career, you’ll see the knowledge, aptitudes, and skills generally needed for that job, as well as the occupational outlook and median salary for the job.

    • Users take a 60-question interest inventory that yields a profile of interest tendencies, including six areas: Realistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising, Conventional, and Artistic. You will see a list of careers related to each cluster, and can then sort those careers into five job zones representing different levels of preparation ranging from little job preparation to extensive preparation.

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