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PROFound Service


Service Statement

Within the Division of Students Affairs at Rowan University, we strive to provide personal, professional, and efficient service during every interaction with our customers. Whether we are assisting prospective or current students, parents, family members, colleagues, staff or faculty, our standards define the quality of service we are committed to delivering. Here at Rowan, we aim to Be PROFound.




 PROFound Service Standards

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We will create a personalized experience to make customers feel welcome.

  • Greet/ acknowledge customers within seconds
  • Introduce ourselves and address customers by name
  • Smile
  • Maintain eye contact and a friendly demeanor
  • Conclude each interaction on a positive note


A gold arrow with the word Attentive written in it.

We will engage in responsive, attentive, and clear communication.

  • Be ready to serve the customer at all times
  • Listen and respond
  • Ask questions and explain
  • Use easy to understand language and clarify next steps
  • Exchange contact information and follow up as needed


A gold arrow with the word Quality written in it.

We will deliver quality service and efficient resolutions.

  • Make it our goal to exceed expectations
  • Be knowledgeable; collaborate with other departments when needed
  • Ensure staff are available to assist in a timely manner
  • Create solutions and offer alternatives when applicable
  • Address concerns and provide appropriate resources


A gold arrow with the word Professional written in it

We will provide professional and respectful service to every customer.

  • Assume a professional appearance
  • Respect each customer
  • Be mindful of body language and tone of voice
  • Help customers where they are (not where they “should” be)
  • Manage our emotions in all situations


A gold arrow with the word Ethical written in it.

We will foster positive relationships while embracing ethical standards.

  • Express empathy for our customer
  • Be patient, fair, and consistent
  • Embrace diversity
  • Follow University policies and procedures
  • Respect privacy and use discretion



Click here to view a printable version of the PROFound Standards