About Us

About Us

Mission Statement, Core Values, Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

Student Affairs provides and supports a collaborative learning environment that promotes the education of the whole person within a global society. Student Affairs is dedicated to actively engaging students by encouraging healthy life choices, multicultural competency, personal and professional growth, campus and community involvement, civic responsibility and leadership development. As an integral partner in the educational process, Student Affairs is committed to student learning and continual improvement through ongoing assessment and review of its programs and services.

Welcome from Senior Vice President Jeff Hand, Ph.D.

When a mid-size, public university has the extraordinary distinction of having seven of its students selected in one semester for highly competitive, national awards, people take notice.

When a mid-size, public university achieves the milestone of moving from a regional classification to a national ranking on U.S. News & World Report, people take notice.

While these awards and distinctions exemplify our commitment to quality and excellence, what matters most of all isn’t our rankings or achievements. It is you. You, the future Rowan University student, and your parents.

Recruitment of high caliber students who are a strong fit for the Rowan community, retention and support for these students throughout their college careers, and the overall student experience: these tenets serve as the core mission of the Division of Student Affairs.

Our continued commitment to making a Rowan University education affordable and accessible means that Rowan University offers just shy of $18 million in scholarships to over 3,000 students. It means that our president quite literally rolls up his sleeves, making and selling hot sauce to support student scholarship. It means that our graduates are ranked in the top 35% for return on investment (payscale.com). The value employers put on your Rowan degree is better than almost two-thirds of many of our neighboring private institutions. So you will be offered the same jobs and salaries as these graduates but your debt-to-income ratio will be much lower, making paying off college an achievable goal.

Our small class sizes, experiential learning, leadership opportunities and career placement network puts you at the center of our world. You, the future Rowan University student, are important to us and we look forward to the day that you step foot on our campus as a #RowanPROUD Prof.

Core Values

We value cultural, individual, and role differences by creating a supportive and affirming climate for individuals of all races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, abilities, sizes, socioeconomic statuses, and languages. We value the dignity of each individual as well as the ethical and equitable treatment of all members of the community in an atmosphere of mutual trust. We are guided by the principle that celebrating diversity enriches the lives of all people.

As individual members of this community, we strive to live within the principles of honor, truth in character, and ethical decision-making.

We value innovative leadership that is not positional, but rather an ongoing transformational process. Effective leaders intrinsically encourage themselves and inspire others by exemplifying professionalism, competence, accountability, and team and community engagement.

We encourage an engaged student body that is civically and personally responsible for the welfare of others, by providing opportunities for service learning, volunteerism, and holistic community service on campus and in the broader community.

We value collaboration and strive to develop effective working relationships with the entire Rowan community.

Statement of Student Learning Outcomes

"Learning is a complex, holistic, multi-centric activity that occurs throughout and across the college experience. Student development and the adaptation of learning to students' lives and needs are fundamental parts of engaged learning and liberal education."* The assessment of student learning involves thoughtful creation of desired outcomes, application of theoretically based learning programs, interventions and activities, followed by appraisal of desired outcomes.

These Student Affairs student learning outcomes provide the basis from which departments and programs determine their scope and focus of work with Rowan University students.

As a result of participation in programs and services sponsored by Student Affairs, Rowan University students will be able to:

  • Communicate and act in accordance with a clarified value system based upon integrity and ethical resolve;
  • Acknowledge the value of participating in social and educational interaction with others who are different;
  • Articulate the role of civic engagement, service learning and volunteerism in building inclusive global societies;
  • Describe the role of self-awareness and physical and emotional well-being in becoming responsible and contributing members of society;
  • Apply reasoning skills based upon critical, creative and reflective thinking;
  • Apply decision-making skills that have a positive impact on career and educational opportunities, relationships, health and reputation;
  • Demonstrate competency related to workplace skills, communication, financial literacy and related professional and practical abilities;
  • Recognize the foundation and role that collaborative leadership and service play as a part of individual success and worth;
  • Describe how the content of their learning connects to their persistence, success, university engagement, and future life experiences.

*Learning Reconsidered (2004)