Tutoring Course List

Tutoring Course List

Course List for Tutoring Appointments

In person and virtual tutoring appointments are currently available for the following Fall 2021 courses:

Course # Course Name
ACC-03210 Principles Of Accounting I
ACC-03211 Principles Of Accounting II
ACC-03311 Intermediate Accounting II
ACC-03326 Cost Accounting
ACC-03432 Federal Taxation
ANTH-02202 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-02203 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH-02221 Human Variation
ANTH-02225 Arts and Medicine
ANTH-02290 Museum Studies
ANTH-02295 Introduction to Qualitative Research
ANTH-02310 Indians of North America
ANTH-02322 Sex and Sex Roles
ANTH-02355 Global Health Anthro Perspective
ANTH-02378 Public Archaeology
BIOL-01104 Introduction to Evolution and Scientific Inquiry
BIOL-01106 Introduction to Genetics
BIOL-01203 Introduction to Cell Biology
BIOL-01204 Introduction to Ecology
BIOL-10212 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL-22335 Advanced Genetics
BLED-40412 Linguistics and Second Language Acquistion
CHEM-05100 Essentials of General Chemistry
CHEM-06100 Chemistry I
CHEM-06101 Chemistry II
CHEM-07200 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-07201 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM-07348 Biochemistry
CHEM-09250 Quantitative Analysis
CS-01110 Computing Environments
CS-04113 Introduction To Object Oriented Programming
CS-04114 Object Oriented Programming And Data Abstraction
CS-04222 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS-04305 Web Programming
CS-07321 Software Engineering I - WI
ECON-04101 Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON-04102 Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON-04302 Intermediate Microeconomics
EDPA-02320 Introduction to Public Administration
ENGL-02101 Critical Methods I for English Majors
ENGL-05301 American English Grammar
ENT-06240 Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENT-06426 New Venture Development
ENT-06450 Technology Entrepreneurship
FIN-04300 Principles of Finance
FREN-02101 Elementary French I
FREN-02102 Elementary French II
FREN-02201 Intermediate French I
FREN-02211 Intermediate French II
GEOG-16110 Cultural Geography
GEOG-16160 Introduction to Mapping and GIS
GEOL-01131 Earth In Transition: The Science Of Global Climate Change
GERM-03100 Masterpieces of German Literature in the English Language
GERM-03101 Elementary German I
GERM-03102 Elementary German II
GERM-03201 Intermediate German I
HIST-05100 West Civ to 1660
HIST-05101 West Civ since 1660
HIST-05150 US History to 1865
HIST-05151 US History since 1865
HIST-05306 Historical Methods
HIST-05344 Russia since 1914
HIST-05449 Holocaust Memory
HIST-05573 Modern European History Seminar
INCL-02210 Principles and Pedagogies in the Inclusive Classroom
INCL-02330 Differentiating Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom
INTR-01266 Computers & Society - WI
ITAL-04101 Elementary Italian I
ITAL-04102 Elementary Italian II
ITAL-04201 Intermediate Italian I
ITAL-04211 Intermediate Italian II
JAPA-08101 Elementary Japanese I
JAPA-08102 Elementary Japanese II
JAPA-08201 Intermediate Japanese I
JAPA-08211 Intermediate Japanese II
JAPA-08212 Intermediate Japanese III
JAPA-08305 Oral Japanese
LAWJ-05337 Treatment of the Offender
LAWJ-05343 Offender Reentry, Reintegration, and Recidivism
MATH-01115 Contemporary Mathematics
MATH-01118 Quantitative Reasoning
MATH-01124 Reasoning With Functions
MATH-01130 Calculus I
MATH-01131 Calculus II
MATH-01201 Structures of Math I
MATH-01204 Structures of Math II
MATH-01310 College Geometry
MATH-01361 Introduction Real and Complex Variables
MATH-03125 Calc Techniques/Applications
MATH-03150 Discrete Math
MCB-01101 Foundations in Bio for Biomedical Sciences I
MCB-01102 Foundations in Bio for Biomedical Sciences II
MCB-01407 Molecular Microbiology
MCB-10345 Human Physiology
MGT-06300 Organizational Behavior
MGT-98242 Legal Environment of Business
MIS-02150 Integrated Business Software Tools-RS
MIS-02234 Management Information Systems
MKT-09200 Principles of Marketing
MUS-04110 Sight Sing/Ear Train
MUSG-06102 General Music History
MUSG-06448 Music of World Cultures II
PHIL-09110 Logic of Everyday Reasoning
PHIL-09120 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL-09130 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL-09222 Business Ethics
PHIL-09226 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-09240 Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL-09311 Aesthetics-WI
PHRE-11330 Daoism
PHYS-00150 Physics of Everyday Life
PHYS-00210 Physics I
PHYS-00211 Physics II
PHYS-00220 Introductory Mechanics
PHYS-00221 Introductory Thermodynamics/Fluids/Waves/Optics
PHYS-00222 Introductory Electricity/Magnetism
POSC-07110 American Government
POSC-07220 State and Local Government
POSC-07230 Comparative Political Systems
POSC-07230 International Relations
POSC-07321 Contemporary World Problems
PSY-01107 Essentials of Psychology
PSY-01108 Essentials of Psy Pre-Health Students
PSY-01230 Psychology of Personality
PSY-01301 Psychology of Scientific Thinking
PSY-01315 Physiological Psychology
PSY-01326 Perception
PSY-01329 Health Psychology
PSY-02310 Learning & Behaviorism
PSY-03200 Abnormal Psychology
PSY-07301 Statistics in Psychology
PSY-07303 Research Methods in Psychology
PSY-09209 Child and Adolescent Development
PSY-09218 Lifespan Development
RUSS-06101 Elementary Russian I
RUSS-06102 Elementary Russian II
RUSS-06201 Intermediate Russian I
RUSS-06211 Intermediate Russian II
SOC-08120 Introduction to Sociology
SOC-08121 Introduction to Sociology PreMed Students
SOC-08220 The Sociology of the Family
SOC-08221 Social Problems
SOC-08223 Social Welfare
SOC-08230 Minority Groups
SOC-08281 Sexuality and Society
SOC-08331 Classical Sociological Theory
SOC-08336 Sociology of Education
SOC-08375 Sociological Research Methods
SOC-08488 Critical Race Theory
SPAN-05101 Spanish I
SPAN-05102 Spanish II
SPAN-05201 Spanish III
SPAN-05211 Spanish Reading And Conversation
SPAN-05212 Spanish Reading And Composition
SPAN-05300 Spanish Phonetics
SPED-08307 Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education
SPED-08360 Positive Behavior Support Systems
STAT-02102 Statistical Literacy
STAT-02260 Statistics I
STAT-02261 Statistics II
STAT-02280 Biometry
STAT-02284 Statistics for the Biomedical Sciences
STAT-02320 Concepts Stat Data Analysis
STAT-02360 Probability and Random Variables
WA-01300 The Writer's Mind
WA-07290 Creative Writing I
WA-07309 Writing Children's Stories

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