Expectations for Tutees

Expectations for Tutees

Expectations for Tutees

  • YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US. Our tutors maintain the confidentiality of any personal information of their tutees. They abide by all FERPA guidelines.

  • Our tutors are proficient in their course, but they are not experts. They will work with you in finding the answers, but it is important that you UTILIZE YOUR PROFESSOR’S OFFICE HOURS any time that you have a question. Tutoring is a supplement to your class, but it is NEVER A REPLACEMENT FOR ATTENDING CLASS regularly.

  • ATTEMPT HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS BEFORE MEETING YOUR TUTOR. Come to the center prepared to ask questions. Do not come expecting the tutor to teach or reteach you the material for your class. Tutoring is not a substitute for attending class.

  • TUTORS WILL NOT DO OR CHECK FOR CORRECTNESS OF YOUR HOMEWORK, or take-home exams, quizzes, or projects. Students are expected to bring their textbook and notebooks, so that the student and the tutor can work with the formulas and practice problems in the book.

  • COME PREPARED to the tutoring session by bringing your textbook, notebook, class syllabus, notes, previous assignments, and any other relevant materials.

  • In order to satisfy student demand, students are permitted to schedule ONE HOUR/COURSE/DAY. For example, if a student wanted tutoring in Spanish I and Calculus I, he/she could schedule an appointment for Spanish I and an appointment for Calculus I on the same day, but not for two hours of Calculus I. As per policy, the second hour will be cancelled by the Tutoring Coordinator. If additional session time is needed by the student, he/she should utilize out drop-in sessions, or his/her professor’s office hours.

  • Students are expected to HONOR ALL SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS, except in times of an emergency, and they are expected to cancel their appointment at least an hour before the start of their session, or as soon as possible.

  • Failure to cancel the appointment will result in the student being declared a no-show. If a student has been a no-show or has had late cancellations multiple times over the course of a semester, he/she will be restricted from using the Tutoring Center services.

  • Students are expected to BE MINDFUL of other students and to keep a proper volume of their voice when speaking with other students or their tutor. In addition, any other distracting or unruly or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and the student could be asked to leave the session.



Tutoring Center Expectations for Tutors 

  • Guide the tutees in how to be more INDEPENDENT learners, to RECEIVE CLARIFICATION, learn examples, to PRACTICE MATERIAL, to summarize concepts, as well as learn the skills essential to being a SUCCESSFUL STUDENT.

  • Understand their environment and keep the atmosphere relaxed but structured and conducive to learning. Tutors establish rapport and a POSITIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIP with tutees.

  • Arrive PREPARED, ON-TIME AND INTERESTED in each student’s concerns. Great tutors are responsible and manage time well within the session. Be PRESENT, PUNCTUAL, PREPARED, AND PROACTIVE for all sessions. Honor all scheduled appointments, except in times of emergency, and cancel any appointments as soon as possible.

  • Respect and maintain confidentiality; abide by FERPA guidelines

  • DEMONSTRATE professionalism, patience, encouragement, competence and strong communication skills.

  • Make appropriate referrals to other RESOURCES on campus.

  • Tutors will explain to the student the LEARNING STRATEGIES and PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS that are necessary to comprehend the material. The tutor will set GOALS with the student at the beginning of the session and will do their best to accomplish these goals by the end of the session.