Appointment Tutoring

Appointment Tutoring

Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

Log into your Rowan Success Network account by clicking the button above or visiting

Once logged in, click on the top left of the screen. From the dropdown menu, click on Courses. From the Courses page, select the current semester. Find the course for which you are seeking tutoring.

If tutoring is currently available for the course, you will see "Tutoring Services" and "Schedule Appointment" listed. Click on Schedule Appointment.

When asked what you need help with, select Tutoring, then click Continue.

Use the calendar tool to find the day you want to schedule an appointment, and click on the desired day to view the available appointment time slots.

Select the time slot for the desired appointment time, then click Continue.

Enter brief information about what you need support with during the appointment, and click Confirm.

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Click here to view courses available for in-person and virtual tutoring appointments.

Schedule an Appointment