Success Coaching

Success Coaching

Success Coaching Program at Rowan University

Both in-person and remote options will be available. 

Success Coaching

Using the Rowan Thrive Framework, the Success Coaching Program can support you in each dimension of your well-being. Success Coaching conversations are led by you, in order to meet your individual needs and goals. Our coaches recognize that what works for one student, may not work for you; only you know what will work for you. Using motivational interviewing principles, our coaching sessions can help you adjust to the rigors of higher education, gain a better understanding of campus resources, develop plans for academic, and social development and much more. 

Schedule a Coaching Appointment

Together, you and your coach can develop an individualized success plan of actionable items.  Again, all controlled by YOU!

Individualized Success Plan: 

The purpose of an Individual Success Plan is to:

  • Set informed goals for individual success
  • Create concrete action steps which will delineate the specific support services available to assist the student
  • Allowed for continued discussion about student progress

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