School Closings

School Closings

Inclement Weather & School Closings

Information on weather-related or other emergency closing policy and information can be found on the Public Safety website.

Rowan Global Glassboro and Camden Courses

All Rowan Global courses that meet on Rowan's Main or Camden campus follow Rowan University's official inclement weather closing policy.

Rowan Global Off-site Courses

Rowan Global courses taught off-site follow the delay-and-closing procedures of the location where the class is being held. (For example, a course that meets at Rowan College of Burlington County will follow Rowan College of Burlington County's delay-and-closing procedures. If Rowan College at Burlington County is open, then Rowan Global students taking a course at that location should expect that their class will be held regardless of whether or not Rowan's Main or Camden campuses are open.) Site-specific delay-and-closing procedures and information can usually be found on the host location's website.

Note: Keep in mind, even if the off-site location is open, instructors may still choose to delay/cancel/reschedule a class meeting, so check your Rowan email.