RCSJ 3+1

The 3+1 Program at Rowan College of South Jersey allows students to complete all four years at the community college campus. Current majors in the 3+1 program include: 

B.S. Business Administration:  Global Business and Learning

Advisor:  Holly Ashton 

B.A. Inclusive Education

Advisor:  Marisa Israel 

B.A. Law and Justice Studies 

Advisor:  Shawn Washart

Internship Information for Law and Justice Students

B.S. Nursing (RN-BSN)

Advisors:  Patrice Henry-Thatcher and Urielle Benders 

B.A. Psychology

Advisor:  Shawn Washart 

B.A. Radio/TV/Film

For this major, senior year coursework is completed on the main campus in Glassboro, and students are advised by Gina Gondos