RCBC 3 Plus 1

  • Congratulations Class of 2019!

RCBC 3 Plus 1

RCBC 3+1

The 3+1 Program at Rowan College at Burlington County allows students to complete all four years at the Mount Laurel campus.   Information on this website focuses on students in the Junior and Senior years.  For students just getting started in the 3+1 Program, please visit the RCBC website for more details.

Current majors in the 3+1 program include:

B.A. Applied Professional Communication 

Advisor:  Nicole Tota

B.A./B.S. Biological Sciences

Advisor:  Marisa Israel

B.S. Business Administration 

Advisor:  Holly Ashton

B.A. Computing and Informatics

Advisor: Maria Lanza-Gladney

B.A. Inclusive Education 

Advisor: Marisa Israel

B.A. Law and Justice Studies 

Internship Information for Law and Justice Students

Advisor:  Jolarys Torres

B.A. Liberal Studies

B.A. Psychology

Advisors:  Nicole Tota and Holly Ashton

B.S. Nursing (RN-BSN)