RUSSS Booklet Info

RUSSS Booklet Info

Rowan University
Student Scholars Symposium
Booklet Information

This year's Title & Author booklet will be distributed in hard copy and download (see below for the link).  

This year's Full Abstract booklet will also be available as a downloadable document only (see below for the link).  


Booklet advertising:  Advertising opportunities in the STEM booklets will be available again this year. The advertising deadline is noon March 27, 2020.  Please click here for information regarding advertising rates and other information for the current year.  


In April, you can download PDF versions of this year's Symposium booklets at this link.  Booklets from previous years are also available.  (Use your Rowan University username and password for access.)

This Year's Student Scholars Symposium

Find out the date, location, session times, and what's new for this year's Rowan University Student Scholars Symposium!


Download PDF versions of Student Symposium booklets (current year and several past years). For access, use your Rowan email username and password.

Call for Abstracts

Learn about this year's abstract submission deadline!

Criteria for Participation

Have you been involved in primary research, original creative activity, or entrepreneurship as a Rowan student sometime during the last 12 months? If so, then you are probably eligible to participate in the Rowan University Student Scholars Symposium!

How to Submit an Abstract for the Symposium

Learn about our Online Submission System, the role of Faculty Sponsors, and more!

Abstract Content

Information about abstract length, use of special characters, and more.

The "Page Proof" Process

Learn how to check your abstract and Symposium name badge for typos and other errors before publication!

Presentation Specifications

Information about poster display space and dimensions.

Service Opportunities with RUSSS

Student organizations (including SGA chartered and petitioning organizations and Greek organizations) that help with the Student Scholars Symposium can receive service project recognition.

RUSSS Homepage

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