What is the "Page Proof Review" Process?

What is the "Page Proof Review" Process?

What Is the Student Scholars Symposium
"Page Proof Review" Process?

What is the Page Proof Review process?
After the abstract submission deadline has passed, a copy of the page proofs of the abstract booklet and the name badges will be made available for download. Students and faculty may look over the Page Proofs and submit changes and corrections.

How do I locate the Page Proof documents?
A few days after the abstract submission deadline has passed, all students and faculty who have abstracts in the Submission System will receive an email letting them know how to access the RUSSS Post-Submission Packet.  The Packet will contain a variety of useful and important information, including how to access the Page Proof documents.

After submitting my abstract, I obtained additional data. May I add this data to my abstract during the Page Proof Review?
Corrections of errors (especially those introduced by the Submission System program) and minor changes may be made during the Page Proof Review. However, it is important to remember that the Page Proof Review stage is not intended to be an opportunity for extensive additions or deletions. Thus, it is important that you put serious consideration into the content of your abstract during the submission process rather than after the abstract is approved by the faculty sponsor.

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