RU Student Scholars Symposium Current Year Info

RU Student Scholars Symposium Current Year Info

The 2020 Rowan University
Student Scholars Symposium

Date:  Thursday & Friday April 16-17, 2020

Thursday 4/16:
  • Sessions TBA
Friday 4/17:
  • Sessions TBA

Info for 2020

  • Online Submission System: We're using our online submission system again this year! See the Call For Abstracts and our How To Submit page for more information, including submission deadlines.  
  • 2020 POST-SUBMISSION PACKET:  If your name is attached as an author or faculty sponsor to an abstract that is accepted for inclusion in the 2020 Student Scholars Symposium, you will have received an email with instructions for downloading the 2020 Post-Submission Packet.  
    You can also watch this space for a link to the 2020 Post-Submission Packet.  The link will take you to a Google Drive folder that can be accessed by anybody with a Rowan network account.  If you are unable to access the Packet, try logging out of Google Drive and then logging back in with your Rowan network credentials.  
    Information that in the packet will include:

    • How to access booklet page proofs & submit corrections
    • How to access nametag proofs & submit corrections
    • How to determine your presentation time and location
    • Information regarding presentation format
    • Submission of your poster to Rowan Digital Works (to see previous Symposium presentations at Rowan Digital Works, please click here)
  • We will also place a link in this space to download a copy of the RUSSS 2020 Title & Author booklet and the RUSSS 2020 Abstract Full-Text booklet (both in PDF format).  
    (Use your Rowan University username and password to access)
  • Early drop-off of posters:  In previous years, students have had the option of dropping off their posters for the Symposium at the Eynon Ballroom prior to the Symposium.  Dates and times for early poster drop-off will be posted in this space.  
    • Your poster should be rolled.
    • Please have your poster number on the roll so that we can keep the posters organized for later pick-up.  (Need to find your poster number?  Look for it in the program booklet!)
    • If you are dropping off multiple posters, please do not roll posters together if they are scheduled for different sessions.

  • Parking:  If you are coming to the RU Student Scholars Symposium and you don't normally attend or work at the Glassboro campus, Rowan University's Office of Public Safety recommends that you park in Lot C. Click here for a map of the Glassboro campus.
  • Is your organization planning to have an exhibit table at RUSSS?  Each year, RUSSS receives requests from student groups and University offices to have an exhibit table at the event.  We are asking that all such requests be submitted via this Google form.  The form is set up to only receive requests from people who are logged into Google with their Rowan email address.  If you are unable to access the form, try logging out of Google and then logging back in with your Rowan username and password.   
    • DEADLINE FOR REQUESTS: noon, Wed. March 11th.
    • Requests will be granted to University offices, SGA recognized organizations, and organizations currently petitioning for SGA recognition.  Requests will be granted based on space availability at the Symposium as our priority must be to provide space for Symposium presentations.  
    • Please note that the Google form is only for requests by organizations to have an exhibit table at the Symposium.  Symposium presenters who need a demonstration table in addition to a poster display board should indicate this when they submit their RUSSS abstract.



Download PDF versions of Student Symposium booklets (current year and several past years). For access, use your Rowan email username and password.

Call for Abstracts

Learn about this year's abstract submission deadline!

Criteria for Participation

Have you been involved in primary research, original creative activity, or entrepreneurship as a Rowan student sometime during the last 12 months? If so, then you are probably eligible to participate in the Student Scholars Symposium!

How to Submit an Abstract for the Symposium

Learn about our Online Submission System, the role of Faculty Sponsors, and more!

Abstract Content

Information about abstract length, use of special characters, and more.

The "Page Proof" Process

Learn how to check your abstract and Symposium name badge for typos and other errors before publication!

Presentation Specifications

Information about poster display space and dimensions.

Booklet Information

Information about the Title & Author booklet, the Full Abstract booklet, and advertising rates for this year's Symposium.

Service Opportunities with RUSSS

Student organizations (including SGA chartered and petitioning organizations and Greek organizations) that help with the Student Scholars Symposium can receive service project recognition.

RUSSS Homepage

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