User Experience

User Experience

What is Our User Experience? 

Our belief is that by redirecting the focus of the design process back on people you will be able to increase how your product is perceived and adopted by your target audiences. 

Good User Experience (UX) helps improve overall customer satisfaction by creating an efficient, easy to use, and memorable Rowan University web experience. On a granular level, that translates the discovery of novel approaches to specific end-user goals. Ultimately, we want to ensure that your visitors' experience of flows functionally and logically. And yet, nothing on the web is static. We must constantly refine and iterate to create the “best” user experience.

Through the UX lens, our goal is to support your digital presence all while dealing with the entirety of your audience's emotional experience. We can't just worry about the digital interface itself.

Some of the mechanisms and tools leveraged when trying to increase your UX are: 

  • Information Architecture--We need to make sure that your site is organized so it makes sense to your visitors and considers their wants, needs, perspectives and preconceptions.
  • Usability Testing--While good site organization can quickly lead your visitors to the information they want, you also want to entice them into staying and discovering more. Testing and measuring the interaction between your site and its visitors, through analysis of visits and direct interaction, enables us to enhance what works and remove obstacles that interfere with your purposes.
  • Website Accessibility--Not every device or every person approaches a web site with the same abilities and tools. Making your site accessible to as broad an audience as possible takes thought and careful implementation.