Getting Started

Getting Started

Get Started by Defining Your Goals

It is easy to jump right in and start making website changes. Think about the following before you begin to tinker.

What are your business goals for the site? Are you trying to inform your audience through informational content OR are you looing for a person fill out a form, click a specific button, or read an important paragraph? Maybe a little of both?

What are the goals of your target audience? Keep in mind your audience is varied and thus is what they are trying to accomplish.

Do your business goals and audience goals align? It is natural to assume they do! Think about how much time and energy may be wasted if you create a whole site for you and not your audience. Not sure what you’re audience is looking for? Try these tactics.

Your site is part of a larger whole. Often times a user is not only navigating to your site – they are traveling through your site on an informational journey. Is there a logical “next” or “previous” site or webpage that your user may be at? Are there appropriate links on your website to help a user get to these places? Think about driving on a highway but not seeing any road signs or exit ramps… that could be frustrating!