Call to Action Elements

Call to Action Elements

Achieve a Conversion

A proper Call to Action or a "CTA" is designed to provoke an immediate response from your target audience (normally by a click). Based on it's purpose, both the design and page placement of the CTA is crucial to its overall conversion rate from your target audience. Here are some tips and best practices for your Call to Action.

  • Try to include all calls to action above the fold
  • Make your calls to action be a bit more prominent and distinguishable in relation to the elements surrounding them.

    *Be aware that any link above the primary CTA runs the risk of taking your customers away from what you’ve been hoping them to do.

  • Calls to Action that reinforce a benefit might lead to higher conversions. Alternatively, the benefit can also be placed closely to where the action button is in order to remind people why they are about to take that action.
  • Links, forms and buttons can all be made easier to click on if their size is increased. According to Fitt’s Law, we need more time to click on something with a pointing device, the further away it is and/or smaller it is.