Classes we offer

Classes we offer

Classes we offer

Classes for Rowan web sites

Web Content

Appealing To Your Audience. "Who is my audience?" should always be the first question you ask yourself when preparing content for a web site. Through this class we'll discuss how to identify target publics, visual appeal, and news values.

Content, text standards

The Content Standards Workshop will provide best practices for writing strong content, proper styling and formatting.

Content, visual standards

Learn best practices for selecting and editing photographs, explore styling and formatting options, and share how to best use visuals on your site.`

Cascade CMS for beginners

If you are a new web editor, this will be the course for you. The Cascade beginners class is meant explicitly for new Cascade CMS users who have web sites already in place and who will be responsible for keeping their sites up to date.  As such, we focus on editing and building out page content on existing pages with a quick glance on adding new pages and adjusting the site navigation if time permits.  Space is always limited for these classes, so sign up as soon as you can!

Orientation for researchers on the new template

We have a new template for Researchers and Lab sites. This class will help you edit and update your pages in this new system.

Cascade CMS special topics with workshops

Whether you want to know what new features we can offer in Cascade, focus on some special issue or have some burning questions to ask about the work you do in Cascade, our workshops will serve your purpose. Workshops consist of short, 15-minute presentations followed by a 45-minute period of open questions where we all can learn from each others' questions.

  • Accessibility Briefing: Fifteen minutes on how accessible web pages that are optimized for site visitors with limited sight or hearing are also automatically optimized for search engines. Find out how Cascade can improve both user experience and search engine availability. The rest of the hour is an open workshop. Bring questions about anything Cascade!
  • New Features: Fifteen minutes to keep you up to date on new features as we add them and to keep you informed of others coming in the near future.
  • Faculty Directory: Fifteen minutes on how the new faculty directory feature works.

Classes for SOM web sites

Cascade Beginners: A two-part class covering both the mechanics of using the Cascade CMS and best practices for content. We will offer this two ways: Either a day-long boot camp that will cover both the technical and content pieces, or as two separate classes.