Strategic Planning & Management

  • Rihab Ezzat Saadeddine, Director of Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic Planning & Management

Strategic Planning & Management

Our greatest purpose is to serve the whole Rowan community. Our focus is always on student experience. As part of the Division of Student Affairs, we have a special mission to attract the best students and then help them make Rowan their home.

Every initiative to recruit and support our students demands participation by many departments and divisions throughout the University. Strategic Planning & Management stands at the nexus of all such projects. We support the relationships and departmental coordination needed to produce student-focused results.

We currently support:

  • An ongoing effort in partnership with the schools and colleges to produce the best possible brochure sites
  • Development and maintenance of web sites that help our community communicate with each other and with potential students
  • Varying projects in other divisions through sharing our expertise in web technology, web content and social media production.

Training & Documentation

We offer classroom and online training for web editors and content owners. Learn what you need to know about Cascade, web analytics and web accessibility

User Experience (UX)

Our belief is that by redirecting the focus of the design process back on people you will be able to increase how your product is perceived and adopted by your target audiences. Good User Experience (UX) helps improve overall customer satisfaction by creating an efficient, easy to use, and memorable Rowan University web experience. On a granular level, that translates the discovery of novel approaches to specific end-user goals.

Digital Content

Focused on the Division of Student Affairs’ core missions of recruitment, enrollment management and retention, our digital content team crafts communications to engage prospective students. Our team leverages content marketing, which is useful, informative and entertaining digital content that is relevant to the brand, without “selling” the brand.