Our Experts

Our Experts

Expert Help is Right Here at Rowan

We offer that unique combination of tech know how, higher education experience, marketing savvy and project management skills needed to create a finished product that meets all goals.

While, as a team, we will always be greater than the sum of our parts, we offer a staggering amount of combined experience that goes far beyond simply code and graphics. 

Project Management

We have among us more than 60 years of project management experience. Our full-time Project Manager has successfully completed coursework for the PMP Certificate and has a lifetime of experience managing projects of all kinds, both in higher education and in the private sector.

Web Development

Combine all our individual web experience in front- and back-end development, data base management, SEO and User Experience and our team represents over 150 years of web development experience. Our 115 years combined experience in content creation includes not only writing, but also photography and videography.

Marketing and Public Relations

Web development always has a purpose and a context.  When that purpose goes beyond simple dissemination of information, we are ready. Our group represents nearly 80 years of marketing, digital marketing, social media management and public relations experience. Many of those years were in the realm of higher education.

Customer Satisfaction

We leverage more than 50 combined years of IT support experience and technical training to help you build what you need to reach your audience.

In Context - Higher Education

We understand every angle of higher education. With 21 degrees among us, we all remember being the student. And yet, we also represent more than 35 years of classroom teaching, a decade of student coaching and 40 years of service in administration and assessment. We "get" your audiences and know how to help you achieve your goals.