Topic Presentations

Topic Presentations

There is a variety of "Topic Facilitations" that the Women's Center offers. These can be catered to a particular group or organization. Check out topic's description on the left navigation panel.

Please contact JoAnna at or at 856.256.5862 for more information.

Gender Socialization

What is gender? How is gender different from sex? This presentation highlights ways in which gender is socially and culturally constructed.

Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of everyone, based on the full achievement and protection of their human rights. This discussion of Reproductive Justice includes examining the current culture surrounding reproductive health, sex education, issues LGBT people face, contraception, sexual health/wellness, and healthy relationships.

Gendered Violence

Gendered Violence is a serious issue across the globe. Gendered violence includes Intimate Partner Violence, Rape / Sexual Assault, Stalking, Voyeurism/Peeping, Unwanted Touching, and Sexual Harassment. This discussion will examine various forms of violence, the cycle of violence, as well as causes and the impact IPV has on various communities. This unit examines IPV through an intersectional lens and attempts to understand how power and violence work in concert.

Weight Bias in American Culture

Cultural expectations for weight/body size/shape are often unobtainable. Therefore, many of us live in bodies which fall outside what has been deemed “normal” and/or “acceptable.” This discussion investigates how weight-bias has been constructed in American Culture, and attempts to address issues of weight-bias through an interdisciplinary and intersectional feminist lens.

Entering Male-Dominated Career Sectors

Marian Wright Edleman once said, “You can’t be what you can’t see.” Including women in all places of employment regardless of field and creating representative workplaces adds balance, new perspectives, and revitalizes the social compact. This presentation walks through the current system of marginalized groups experiences, particularly women, LBTQQIA women, and women of color in various employment sectors. The presenter will address resume building based on various, and often limiting experiences and opportunities, as well as addressing interviewing skills. This is an interactive workshop where participants will be able to workshop their cover letters and resumes

Politics of Sex and Sexuality

This presentation discusses elements of sex and sexuality including understanding sexuality, gender and sexuality, sexual orientation, heteronormativity, and the spectrum of sexuality. This presentation leans on the notion that sexuality lies on a spectrum, and how we can work towards better understanding sexuality, its meanings and values, and how to create more inclusive spaces.

The Living Project: Assessing and Reassessing Secondary Research

This presentation and discussion focus on the graduate level Literature Review process. We will discuss and share tips and tricks on how to navigate large amounts of secondary research.

Doing Research: A Scholar’s Journey (Graduate Level)

This presentation and discussion aim to help guide first and second-year graduate students at both the Masters and Doctoral level through the research process. We will discussion methods for finding topics, what the HSRB process looks like, and pitfalls to avoid.