Presentations and Facilitations

Presentations and Facilitations

Facilitations/presentations can be scheduled on a number of topics including gender equity, reproductive justice, the economics of gender, gender socialization, and others. Please contact JoAnna at 856.256.5862, or to schedule a facilitation/presentation.


Faculty and/or Staff

The Women's Center offers training for faculty and/or staff on a variety of issues that can be catered to your individual needs on topics such as student engagement, how to be inclusive, rethinking our approaches to our curriculum and pedagogy regardless of field and other approaches to inclusivity.

Greek Life

Sorority and Fraternity presentations/facilitations include topics such as consent, healthy relationships, body positivity, drinking culture, rape/sexual assault awareness, LGBTQQIA+ talks/discussions, masculinity, stalking/harassment, rape culture, sexual assault, privilege, and others.

Residential Learning

The Women's Center in SJICR can lead facilitations/discussions specifically for your group. Talks can be catered to a particular topic regarding gender equity, sexual assault and rape, consent, gender socialization, reproductive justice, politics of sex and sexuality, and many others.

Green Dot Training

Rowan University cares and is committed to a community that is free from power-based violence and oppression including sexual assault, stalking and relationship violence of any kind. Rowan does not excuse or tolerate power-based violence and oppression within the community and adheres to federal, state and local requirements for intervention, crime reporting, and privacy provisions related to violence. Rowan University supports campus prevention efforts to reduce power-based violence and oppression and offers resources and services to support anyone affected by violence.

Presentations by Topic

The Women's Center offers a variety of topic presentations/workshops which can be facilitated inside or outside the classroom!