Evergreen Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center

Evergreen Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center


The Evergreen Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center is located in Suite 180 in Evergreen Hall. The space is designed to promote a culture of inclusivity and serve as a foundational meeting point for the Rowan and external communities. This space is open to all members of our communities and is a home-away-from home. 

Features of the Evergreen ISEC

  • Conference Room
  • Fully-equipped Kitchen
  • Interfaith Lending Library
  • Lounge Area
  • Kosher Kitchen (Upcoming)
Conference Room Conference Room
Library Kitchen
Kosher Kitchen Kosher Kitchen

Evergreen ISEC Reservation Policies

The Evergreen Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center can be reserved by filling out the reservation form on our website. Once reservations have been made, the following policies must be followed. A representative from the hosting organization must sign a contract prior to the key being checked out. 

Key Requirements

Keys can be picked up from the main office on the 2nd floor of Hawthorn Hall at the beginning of the reserved time and must be returned at the time that the reservation ends. When someone picks up for the space, they must sign it out with the student worker at the front desk and sign the form that is currently being read. Any loss of the key will result in immediate suspension of usage for the space and a monetary fee.

Setup and Cleanup Requirements

The following policies must be followed when setting up and cleaning the Evergreen Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center:

  1. Ensuring the room is put back the way you had it (tables folded and pushed aside, chairs in a circle).
  2. Ensure all furniture is put back how it was when the organization first came in.
  3. Ensure all furniture and counters are wiped down.
  4. Ensure all the food is taken out.
  5. Ensure all the windows are closed.
  6. Ensure all trash is taken out to the dumpster.
  7. Ensure all lights are turned off.
  8. Ensure all doors are locked when leaving.

Compliance with Housing and Residence Life Policies

The organization that is utilizing the space must remember that they are using a space in a residence hall. All Housing and Residence Life policies must be followed including, but not limited to:

  1. Noise policy: 10pm-8am Sunday through Thursday and 12am to 10am Fridays and Saturdays.
  2. Hallway access: Only residents of Evergreen Hall are allowed to enter the hallways of the residence hall. When utilizing the space, all members of the organization must remain in the Evergreen Interfaith and Spiritual Exploration Center.

Please see a list of all policies at the Housing and Residence Life website. Please know that you are responsible for all policies in the handbook.