Social Justice Rowan Program

Social Justice Rowan Program

Social Justice Rowan Program


Recognizing the importance of preparing students who are multi-culturally competent, the Social Justice Rowan Program aims to provide Rowan students with opportunities to accrue co-curricular credit and recognition for their social justice involvement, education, training, and action on campus.

Students participating in this program will develop social justice proficiency as they progress through the following areas of critical consciousness:

  • Awareness and Understanding of identities, privilege, and power
  • Understanding and Analysis of systems of domination and subordination
  • Action and Accountability toward creating a more socially just community at Rowan

Social Justice Rowan Program Tacks

Students participating in the Social Justice Rowan Program (SJRP) will have the opportunity to do so through two different tracks, either as participants or as Change Agents.

Through attendance and engagement in a series of identified co-curricular programs, participants in the SJRP will earn credit toward certification. Students will actively progress toward greater awareness and understanding of personal and social identities, develop stronger understanding and analysis of systems of inequality, and learn how to act as allies to marginalized or oppressed groups.

Change Agents
Social Justice Change Agents will participate in SJRP with the intention of ultimately planning and implementing activities and events that will promote social justice within and beyond the campus. Members will serve as visible and active leaders in promoting social justice, inclusion and advocacy for underrepresented and marginalized groups. Social Justice Change Agents will, therefore, be in a position to raise awareness as well as create an environment that genuinely celebrates differences across the campus.