An initiative of the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution,
60 Seconds of Social Justice aims to showcase diverse voices and experiences of students, faculty, and staff at Rowan University.

Rational: Rowan’s Diversity Statement  

Rowan University promotes a diverse community that begins with students, faculty, staff, and administration who respect each other and value each other’s dignity. By identifying and removing barriers and fostering individual potential, Rowan will cultivate a community where all members can learn and grow. The Rowan University community is committed to a safe environment that encourages intellectual, academic, and social interaction and engagement across multiple intersections of identities. At Rowan University, creating and maintaining a caring community that embraces diversity in its broadest sense is among the highest priorities.


Students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds from across the University are invited to sit for an informal interview:

  • Each interview consists of six open-ended questions
  • A 60-second video clip is produced from each interview
  • All 60 Seconds of Social Justice video clips will be archived and available online 


  • This initiative offers members of our community the opportunity to make meaning of their respective experiences as PROFS in regards to matters of diversity and inclusion.
  • The video clips serve as educational and awareness-building artifacts for the wider community to learn about diverse individual’s backgrounds, motivation, and beliefs.
  • Each 60 Seconds of Social Justice video clip celebrates Rowan’s diversity and highlights how people can engage each other in an effort to better educate and connect members of the Rowan community.