Multicultural Center Initiatives

Multicultural Center Initiatives

Multicultural Resource Center Initiatives



Social Justice & Cultural Competence Conference (September 30th, 2017)

The annual Social Justice and Cultural Competency (SJ&CC) Student Conference at Rowan University provides participants with an opportunity to be introduced to concepts and theories surrounding issues of social identity, social justice, power, and privilege. More importantly, students will learn strategies to interrogate their own position in society, at Rowan, and within their immediate social circles. They will be given tools that will assist them in challenging their own assumptions as well as effectively interrupting the micro and macro aggressions experienced daily by persons of different social identity groups. The SJ&CC Conference will provide an opportunity for students to begin or further their cultural competence journey in developing the skill to effectively communicate, relate to, and problem solve with people of another culture than their own.

Dining for Diversity

Dining for Diversity is an intergroup dialogue activity that takes place bi-weekly throughout the academic year. Topical events surrounding multiculturalism, diversity, and equity are discussed. University wide programming is developed that is conducted by students.


Prison Industrial Complex Awareness

 The Multicultural Center will be hosting events throughout the academic year to bring greater awareness for the nature in which our prison sysetem has become a system of oppression and not rehabilitation.

Association of White Anti-Racists for Equity (AWARE)

A.W.A.R.E is in intra-group bi-weekly dialogue for white identifying allys who wish to learn more about how to be more socially justice minded and a practioner for interrupting oppressive behavior and systems.

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Amistad Curriculum Awareness

In 2002, the New Jersey Department of State passed The Amistad Bill (A1301) mandating that all NJ schools incorporate African-American history into their Social Studies curriculum. The Amistad Commission has developed an interactive web-based tool for prospective and current teachers to assist in creating lessons plans and raising practitioner’s cultural competency.