LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

LGBTQIA+ Initiatives

The LGBTQIA+ Center offers a number of programs and initiatives geared at building community, celebrating LGBTQIA+ people and their contributions, and training allies.

Programs and Initiatives

National Coming Out Week (NCOW)
Coming Out celebrates those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community and to offer support to those struggling with their identity.  This week is an observance and celebration of LGBTQIA+ community at Rowan University with campus wide events produced in conjunction with student organizations.  NCOW is an expansion upon National Coming Out Day which is celebrated October 11th.   

Trans Awareness Week
This week in mid-November is dedicated to bringing awareness of issues those in the Rowan Community who identify as transgender and gender non-conforming encounter.  Educational workshops and events are planned in collaboration with Rowan’s LGBTQIA+ student organizations.

Pride Week
Pride Week (in collaboration with Rowan’s LGBTQIA+ student organizations)

Selfies for Silence
Selfies for Silence takes place on National Day of Silence and at Rowan is a day where students take a vow of silence to bring awareness to bullying, intimidation and harassment that those in the LGBTQIA+ Community face.

LGBTQIA Lectures
As part of the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolutions’ Social Justice Speaker Series, the LGBTQIA Center offer annual lectures aimed at engaging those interested in learning more about LGBTQIA+ topics.

Social Justice Reels
Film screenings as part of Social Justice Reels is a thrice per semester offering of the SJICR that aims to raise awareness and consciousness around various social justice issues through a monthly screening and discussion of a social justice related film. In a casual atmosphere, participants are offered “movie snacks” along with some points to consider while viewing a thought provoking documentary or feature-length film. Attendees are then invited to digest the film through a 30 minute facilitated conversation.

SJICR offers three to four social justice book clubs per semester that will meet on a monthly basis for appetizers and discussion of ways that the month’s selection helped to raise awareness and consciousness of SJICR Reads group members around various social justice issues. Participants will include faculty, staff, and students.

Trainings and Workshops

Safe Zone Training
Training is provided several times a year to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment to LGBTQIA+ students.

Supporting Trans Students Workshops
Workshops geared to educating Rowan faculty and staff about how best to support trans students on campus.

Advising of LGBTQIA student organizations
The LGBTQIA+ Resource center serves as a space for student organization E-Board and general meetings.  Staff will advise student organizations in addition to co-producing events.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms
There are several gender inclusive restrooms on campus for use by everyone.  Click here for a reference map.